Cyrus CD8 clicks


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I'm running an Arcam Alpha 9 amp with an Arcam P85 power amp. B&W speakers.
My Arcam Alpha 8 CD worked fine but I sold it and bought a Cyrus CD8 (not the SE) plus PSX-R PSU. All worked well for a year or so but now after 20 minutes listening a periodic but unpredictable tick comes through the speakers (both channels) as though a capacitor is discharging.
A local HIFi shop ran the Cyrus on their own system for a day and did not experience the problem.
I have changed the interconnects, taken the PSX-R out of the equation, used a separate plug socket for the CD, and find other CD players don't cause the tick when using the same channel.
I would be grateful if anyone might suggest other tests or fixes to get to the bottom of this.


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Further update - an ebay seller of a Cyrus CD selling for spares or repair commented that their unit would play discs but only after they had taken the base tray off. I have done the same and the click has disappeared. All that came out my unit was a few flakes of black plastic presumably the eroded teeth from the disc transport. Noteworthy was how non uniformly the teeth of the transport were greased, so if anyone out there is having trouble with the tray you might try the same as the problem might just be a plastic shard in the works.

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