Cyrus & B&W problems


I think I have a problem with my beloved hi-fi leading to a Christmas without music :(

First off my kit:

Source: Cyrus CD8x and Cyrus DAB8
Amplification: Cyrus DAC-XP and Cyrus X Power
Speakers: Bowers & Wilkins XT4

Yesterday morning I turned the hi-fi on to enjoy the radio over breakfast. There was a buzzing noise coming from the left channel. It was the sort of noise you get when you plug a guitar into an amp, but not particularly loud; just normal listening volume.

I checked what button I pressed on the remote: yep it was the tuner button. It then started to crackle, so I hit the power to turn it off.

On getting closer, there was a distinct smell of burning electrics from the speaker, so I disconnected the cable and isolated the ends.

Turned the Cyrus back on to find that the X Power is now flashing a red light. According to the manual this means it is overheated. The advice is to "allow the unit to cool down before reapplying power." I've left it 36 hours, but still that red light flashes.

I dug out an old radio I have with variable out and connected that to the speakers; the right speaker sounds fine, the left speaker seems to have sound only coming from the tweeter.

Now I suspect that the only thing you can tell me is that the hi-fi and speakers are knackered and need to go back to the manufacturer. That I understand. My question is what could have caused the fault?

The reason I ask is that the speakers are covered by a 5 year warranty, so if they have gone faulty they will be repaired FOC. I hope that if they took the amp with them B&W may pay for the amp to be repaired (or is that cloud cookoo land). If the amp was faulty and took out the speakers, B&W may try and argue that the damage is not covered by their warranty.

Unhelpfully, the amp and speakers were bought from different dealers, so I haven't yet tried that route, but thought I would ask for advice here first.

Anyone experienced anything like this before, or ideas as to what might have happened?

Thanks for reading



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I doubt that B&W will also repair your Cyrus kit if it is found to be faulty, but like you say it's pretty imperitive that you find the fault before trying to hook it all up and play once the driver has been fixed.

Whether you feel it's being a bit thin with the truth or not, i'd also be inclined not to tell B&W that you suspect a faulty amp, as they may say that this may void their warranty on the speaker and you'll find yourself having to cover the cost yourself. Of course it may not be the amp, but until you know for sure...

Is the Cyrus gear still under warranty?


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It sounds like the amp went DC and passed current into the speakers, causing the LF driver to fail. If you are lucky, its just a coil on the crossover board. HFs normally survive as they have a capacitor that protects them.

I doubt B&W will repair a speaker if it has failed due to the amp failing. It will be apparant to B&W what caused the failure as soon as they open the speaker up. The reason why speaker manufacturers offer generous warranties is because speakers rarely fail unless abused or damaged by external equipment. Burnt components are an indicator of excessive or incorrect power.

If the amp has failed due to component failure, Cyrus may well repair it FOC. It might be something like insulation failure on the output ICs or the main PSU going out of spec.


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Sounds more than plausible to me. In which case it begs the question as to whether Cyrus may actually cover the cost of speaker repair if B&W refused to...


Thanks for your comments.

So it is most likely that the amp had the fault and that took the right hand speaker with it. That being the case, I guess it makes most sense if I take them both back to the Cyrus dealer (who does B&W also).

I've had no experience of this, so how likely is the dealer to want to help me, bearing in mind he only sold one of the products and I don't plan on buying anything else from him for a while? Will he try and persuade Cyrus to cover the cost of any repairs of the speakers, or is that down to me?

Needless to say the Cyrus kit is well out of warranty (bought that back in July 2008).

Just Old

very interesting post.
What is there to protect overloads in equipment, so that it doesn't damage other pieces of kit?

and what is the correct way to get all those plugs into a double socket, and should 5 amp fuses be used???

I think the best thing to do first of all is contact the dealer who sold you the Cyrus amp and get that sent back. Whilst speaking to the dealer it may also be worth mentioning the full circumstances and that the fault in the Cyrus has damaged your B&W speaker.

It doesn't matter if you don't know the dealer very well or don't intend buying anything from them for a while they should certainly help you with the product your purchased from them. Whether they'll offer any help with the speaker I don't know.

The good news is B&W have an absolutely superb service department and I'm pretty confident they'll do all they can to assist you and may even repair it for free, although the fault doesn't lie with the speakers.

Thats what I would do as no one on the forum can tell you how far the dealer will go to help you.

Unfortunately its happened at the worst time of year and instead of taking a few days to sort out you maybe waiting several weeks now to get your system up and running again!

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