cyrus AV8


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anyone got any comments on this to be getting on with?
wondered how good it was with stereo as well as surround.
i've been looking at different angles on the upgrade path and was settled on adding either a used 8vs or 6vs stereo amp to my denon for driving the i'm thinking about a av8 and power amps when finances permit.
anyone any thoughts on a used av8?


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cheers gus
yeah i've been checking it out every now and then for any signs of a deal......
just wondered if they were any users/experience on here....though the mention of cyrus often seems to kill a thread ;)
thing is i was really impressed with my cd6 i picked up and the size of the units are really handy for my set and where it is.


I had an AV8 on loan some years back and TBH I was not impressed whatsoever. In my opinion it sounded very harsh and compressed and the surround steering left a lot to be desired. Admittedly it was not with Cyrus amplification (see sig). The AV8 was apparently improved since then AV8 (II?), and I cannot comment on that product.

It would be best to see if you could get a demo.

Cyrus will be introducing a new AV system quite soon according to What Hifi (new processor/DVD player), perhaps you could wait until then. All in my humble opinion of course.


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I did demo an AV8 and went to have a look at a used Cyrus/Dynaudio setup a couple of years back.

Didn't buy as the AV side wasn't as good as I'd hoped, very good for stereo though.

Again imho :)



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Cyrus are in fact release a new AV amp in February of next year.

I am also on the understanding it will have buile in power amps for the centre front's or rears.

Meant to be priced around the £800 mark - which is a bit of a bargain compared to the AV8 - i won't hold my breath on that price though!


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the new av amp sounds interesting,what with built in powers....cant see it going for 800 quid but you never know.
....cant help thinking i'd probably be better of with getting a amp for the fronts to improve on music...then work on the rest later.

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