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The Cyrus AV8 looks like an excellent cheap audiophile option. A couple of questions though:

1. What are the bass management options?
2. Does it have a facility to delay audio (for plasmas)?

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You can download the manual for the AV5 from the Cyrus web site ( The AV8 is pretty much the same except it has improved firmware and DPLII.

From what I know about it (I'm also seriously looking at an AV8) it doesn't have an audio delay option. Check the AV5 manual for bass management options allthough this is an area where the AV8 is 'improved'. I think it has all the usual stuff speaker size settings but I don't know if the crossover is configurable.



The December edition of "Home Entertainment" magazine has a review of the Cyrus AV8...1100 Pounds recommended price. They give it 5 stars overall with the following comments..."amazingly simple to set up (via supplied microphone)...impressive as a stereo pre-amp, one of the best processors we've heard....wonderfully agile sonic performance...stylish good looks....upgrade capability (500 Pounds for video switching, 200 Pounds for DVD-A/SACD analogue inputs)". This looks to be a great buy.
However, one thing that makes me hesitate about this magazine is that in the same issue they review the Philips 32PW9607 TV and describe it as an iDTV with wireless rear speakers. That TV is an analogue set and does not have wireless rear speakers. So what set did they actually review, if any ?

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Having experienced both models, i can recommend them highly.

The best thing to do with bass management is no to use it. Why introduce more processing in to the signal path.

I propose you test the theory and set up all speakers to large, regardless of size and listen. You will find it is nigh on impossible to damage a speaker due to bass as they have these small things called crossovers which filter the appropriate frequencies to the right drivers. The trouble with setting speakers to small is that more and more signal is posted to the LFE output. A lot of subs cannot operate properly with the extra distortion this brings. On average a sub needs only millivolt signals, like any other power amp (active subs that is) and some amps will try and send around 7VOLTS out the channel.

This just increases bass distortions and lowers the dynamic headroom considerably.

Try it to see what i mean.


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