Cyrus Audio launches new Signature Series


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And redefines flagship status

Following the launch of the Anniversary Series System, Cyrus Audio, has launched the Signature Series, an exclusive range of fine-tuned components.

Initially comprising a four-strong range, the components share many of the performance-enhancing modifications seen in the limited-edition Anniversary Series System and have been fine-tuned by Technical Director, Peter Bartlett.

The Signature Series will represent Cyrus’s flagship product line up and comprises upgraded versions of the X Series components to include the following: DAC X Signature (DAC); DAC XP Signature (DAC/preamp) and the Mono X 200 and 300 Signature (mono power amps). Further models are expected to join the range later in the year.


Developed in Cyrus’s Huntingdon factory, the Signature Series has been evolved from the flagship X Series to include performance-enhancing modifications and the very latest-generation components that they say bring improvements in detail and resolution.

Each component comes in the standard Cyrus bead-blasted cast chassis, in either black or quartz finish, and will feature the ‘Signature’ badge on the fascia.

The DAC X is a twin 32-bit stereo DACs, designed in dual-mono configuration and the operational elements of the system, such as the digital control signals, are optically isolated from the twin mono DAC cards. The DAC X Signature also possesses a carefully specified power supply system based on a custom designed ultra-low-noise torroidal power transformer.

The DAC XP has a built-in preamp and its chips have been upgraded to 32-bit resolution running in fully balanced operation and there have been numerous enhancements to the power supply including: upgraded power transformers; extensive new power filtering and improved smoothing on the DAC supply.

The Mono X amplifiers sound fairly beastly, offering 200 and 300 watts respectively via their 'zero-feedback' design. The Signature Series updates include a replacement input buffer op-amp with a higher slew rate and higher gain bandwidth.

The Signature Series components are available now and are priced as follows:

DAC X Signature (DAC) £1,750
DAC XP Signature (DAC/preamp) £2,750
Mono X 200 Signature (mono power amp) £1,950
Mono X 300 Signature (mono power amp) £2,750


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The Eggman72

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they have always had a non mainstream look about the sound...hate the look...


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I wasn't really impressed by Cyrus's choice to make the Anniversary Series System what it was: something so high-end that many of its fans couldn't afford. In contrasting fashion, KEF launched the much more accessible £800 LS50s to celebrate their 50th anniversary.

Glad to see this tech filtering down to lower end models though.


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It's my usual problem with Cyrus.

I really love the sound, it's exactly what I want but I'm not having anything that cheap, nasty and ugly in my house.



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Surely it's how it sounds, not how it looks.

I know what you;re saying Mike but for the money, I want both.

Have you ever used one, they are just so cheap and horrible.


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I know what you;re saying Mike but for the money, I want both.

Have you ever used one, they are just so cheap and horrible.

That signature badge dosen't help in the "cheap and horrible" stakes either!
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Anyone actually auditioned the new components?

I'd be very interested to hear (read) your opinion...

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