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My Cyrus 8 integrated amplifier has stopped working and I am trying to isolate the problem. I have tried a turntable (via a phone stage), a music streamer and direct connection to my phone (through its headphone socket) through all of the sources on the amplifier. None produce any sound at all. I have also connected headphones to the socket at the rear of the amplifier and get no sound through there either (after pressing the ‘phones’ button on the front (LED by the volume control goes orange). Note also the ‘mute’ button on the front appears to work, turning the LED red.

An engineer has looked at it and all internals are working well. He thinks the issue is the software controlling the headphone and mute switches has become corrupted and permanently turned off outputs to the speaker terminals and headphone socket.

I can find no way online of resetting/rebooting/flashing the firmware.

Any ideas before I need to condemn it. Missing my music!!


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I couldn't find detailed service manual for this model, but looking at the cyrus 3 ad 5 I can only assume, that the only software used in this amp is stored inside eeprom type memory. Since all the front panel buttons work, I'm pretty sure micro controller and the software is fine.
To diagnose no sound issue, oscilloscope will be required to:
1. Check data lines (Control) between uCom and ICs that analog signal goes through
2. Check input/output signals of those ICs
This way, you can narrow down, at which point audio signal is missing.


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