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This film was released in Spain back in October 2002 for the Sitges Film Festival and is due to be released here on the 5th of September.

It stars Jeremy Northam and Lucy Liu and follows Northam as he takes a new job as a corporate spy. At first his motivation his unclear and I found myself questioning some of the character's actions but as the film progresses things begin to fit together nicely.

According to IMDB it had a budget of $10m but there were a few times when I thought it looked decidedly low budget. This was mainly due to the SFX. To me, good SFX means you don't notice them. Take Gollum in the Two Towers. The fact that he was pure CGI never made itself apparent. In Cypher there are several effects that are poorly done and whoever their technical consultant or whatever these people like to call themselves was, I hope he wasn't paid for his contribution. Perhaps there wasn't one at all.

Ok, now that my rant is over I did actually enjoy this film. The acting was good, particularly from Northam, less so from Liu, as was the plot with some nice twists. The film tries to create a visual style somewhat like the Matrix and does quite a good job. The use of sound was also impressive.

If you like sci-fi thrillers this should be very enjoyable.

Matt Horne

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Already available on DVD in Denmark with a DTS soundtrack. (as advertised in the Danish Equilibium DTs DVD :)


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