Cylindrical Redundancy!!!!!



:mad: I got a USB 40GB Firelite portable HDD & 2days it slipped whilst l was placing it on my desk, roughly a height of 80cms. l juss thought, hey its juss a responce to the force of gravity!!! NO BIG DEAL. But 2day as l tried & still try 2 transfer some folders from the HDD to my Local Disk (C): half way thru the process l get the message " CYLINDRICAL REDUNDANCY ERROR" etc. :mad: IS THERE POSSIBILY A MIRACLE TO RECOVER THE DATA or l can as well delete it as its no point keepin unrecoverable data. MY MUSIC :rolleyes: :lease:
Nope it's a goner. Even if the disk reformats I wouldn't trust it with anything you care about after a fall like that. Try to get the files off it a few at a time, until you have everything you can.
Thanks mate, will probably have 2 devote the whole weekend for that task. :rolleyes:
This might sound a little odd...

Try putting it in the freezer over night.

whenever you wake up quickly connect the drive and start copying.
I know this sounds completely odd, but this actually sometimes work,
I saved all what was on my nighbour's 20GB hard about a year ago, using this method.

P.s don't forget to wrap it in one of these special anti-static nylons that come with a hard drive or a graphics adapter, If you don't have any, use a towel.

good luck
TIME : 00:14 Well l've been sitting here for more than 6 hrs & out of the 11.87GB, l've managed 2 retrieve 3.5GB.... Let me get some shut-eye, l'll try Noogie's trick but l wont leave it overnight in the freezer, l'll leave it mayb 4 an hr or 2 . Thanks Nookie, l'll give it it a go.
Well actually my neighbor's hard drive spent a few weeks (maybe even months, don't remember) before i connected it.
At first I connected to one of my computers and it worked, 2 more days in the freezer and I went to her place.

During the copying process it started clicking again, we brought an ice pack and the copying went on smooth, and then we threw it away :devil:
It's worth trying a few hours in the fridge before the freezer. We've recovered a few laptop drives at work just long enough to get the data off them by popping them in the fridge for a few hours. They then worked for an hour or so before the data read errors started again, at which time they got another cooling off. The customers, who though their data was lost, thought we were wonderful. Of course it depends on excatly what's wrong with the drive but it's worth a try. BTW, the message you got should have been Cyclic Redundancy Error.
k l think we got a few life savers in this forum. Thanks gentleman.... juss managed 2 retrieve 10.9Gb in total, so far... :clap: Its really workin though l still can't get it all 2gether. l mean placing the HDD in the fridge, honestly at first l put it in 4 at least 10mins as l was hesitating but then l thought of my entire music collection, the time, money & energy l'd spent, then juss tried 2 give it a GO. :eek: :eek: PLIZ explain 2 me how it all works :rolleyes: THOUGH I DO APPRECIATE YOUR HELP.. THANX MATES
you have tried chkdsk /f though right? cyclic redundancy failures can often just be a minor corruption of the folder structure, which will prevent access to large areas of files but can often be easily fixed with chkdsk. The bad area, usually just a few bytes, will be marked as bad sectors and the pointers to your files recreated on a clean area leaving you a perfectly usuable disk.

You need to be careful with external drives because they use writeback caching and if you disconnect them early before the've finished writing the cache then that's when you're likely to run into cyclical redundancy problems. I disable writeback caching on my external drives just to be safe.

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