Cyclone Pocket + 'Local Disk not exist'

Discussion in 'Video Streaming Boxes & Services' started by T Byrne, Feb 10, 2014.

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    I've noticed a few threads regarding cyclone pockets and wondered whether anyone had any joy on an issue I have.

    Bought cyclone pocket for xmas starting using few weeks ago, all working fine until yesterday all of a sudden comes up with error 'local disk not exist' when hooked up via HDMI on TV. It also won't register on my computer anymore. I plug in using usb cable provided use to start up and open now it doesn't even pick up the drive at all. It seems there isn't even any power in the drive no 'humming' noise like normal it's completely dead. Sometimes it looks as if something is being picked up but soon disappears.

    I have tried everything regarding drives, usb ports, software update (although this seem's to be an old one from what i've read on previous posts) all to no avail.

    The player is being picked up via HDMI as the menu page comes up allowing me to select HDD or USB but still coming up with error message. Although when I have a USB stick plugged into the player that IS picked up through the TV allowing me to select and play those files, seems to be just the HDD is it not picking up!

    any idea's??

    thank you :)

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