Cyberlink PowerDVD stopped being able to play HD-DVD in the middle of one...


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Wondering how to manually update Cyberlink Power DVD to latest version as I think thats the problem here. Half way through Transformers playing via an Xbox HD-DVD drive to the PC there was a slight stutter, so i pulled the marker back to replay, which is when the program froze...

So I shut down and start up again and now it wont play the movie, it instead stays in file mode instead of going to disk mode and plays black video content over and over seemingly from the HD-DVD (HD DVD is accessing). Anyway, now Cyberlink insists it doesnt know what the Planet Earth Blu-Ray I was watching this morning is...

So during this I get a pop-up saying new update, I click it off for the time being and now have realised its probably the culprit, when I choose 'upgrade' from the configuration it insists theres nothing to upgrade to (it WAS the latest version anyway). So how do I get it to upgrade to the latest version manually? Sounds like a dumb question I know since I know PC's pretty well but I must be blind :).

P.S What kind of update system prevents you from watching content in the middle of watching the content...


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Whenever PowerDVD encounters a problem of any sort it is likely to suggest an update as a solution (Even if you already have the newest version). There have been no real updates since v3104, merely updates to try and reduce BD+ functionality.

You might be having a problem with a corrupt downloaded content file
PowerDVD stores them by default in C:\Documents and Settings\(username)\Application Data\CyberLink\PowerDVD\Persistent\HD_DVD\[GUID-String]\[Disc-specific-GUID-String]\*

Try deleting it.


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Could also try uninstalling it and using something like ccleaner to get rid of the registry entries it leaves behind.

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