CyberHome CH-SDR 600?


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So how have you found them?
Also where did you buy them?
I am also looking for a set of 5.1 headphones for the 360 so would be grateful of any feedback on them!


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I got them from here

Unbelievably still not tried them out with the 360 yet.

A few things to note:

Plug on powerpack is 2pin so you'll need an adaptor (not voltage convertor) to power/charge
No individual volume control for the 6 channels - just total volume
Optical input sounded a bit noisy when I tried it briefly with my DVD player....
The optional 5.1 decoded output is on a proprietary connection that is not included (so is pretty useless)


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Tried them, they're great for the price. Can't compare them to the other brands as I've never heard them....but you can go loud at night, which is fun! 5.1 placement is slightly sketchy but I'm not complaining.


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I read two reviews on these headphones and both mentioned quality issues as the headphones for review had faults. They said the sound quality was OK but I had my doubts

I took a chance and bought a pair from Redsave. They arrived quick enough but did not work properly so were exchanged for a pair that did not work at all. I was all ready to return these when I read about a problem with the lozenge shaped thingy in the headphone lead and flexing it got the phones working.

I have thirty years experience with HI FI and audio and quite frankly these headphones are junk. I should have known better really, surround sound headphones and a digital decoder for £30, not to mention they are on sale in the USA for $15-$17 dollars (less than £10).

I have a pair of Medusa headphones. Though they are twice the price at about £60 for the pair with the headphone amp (or about £35 for the USB computer version) the sound quality is light years away from the Cyberhome offering.

I would also be careful when buying from Redsave as you automatically opt in for a Redsave pass (a shopping club) and Redsave will deduct £19.50 a month from your credit/debit card for the membership fee. Have you noticed that on your statements scumball, (that sounds insulting but HEY you chose your user name :) )

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