CyberHome AD-L528 - worthless piece of crap

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Bought one of these for the mother-in-law last year. Just swapped it for our cheapo Chinese import 'Nicole' DVD player I had blagged a while back. I swapped because mother-in-law's telly is PAL only and she has trouble working the menu (too complicated). The 'Nicole' replacement is simpler to operate.
So I've had chance to evaluate the Cyberhome AD-L528, and the it has a cheap, crappy output stage which means it has trouble with high contrast items. It produces a horrible wavey effect in the picture. E.g. in the Blade II menu.
Also when the screen flashes (e.g. explosions, Star Wars blaster effects), it jumps with a green vertical line appearing for an instant while the circuitry recovers.
Also it occasionally stutters and freezes with picture break up which is incredibly infuriating.
Lastly, and ending on a positive note, it's build is quite solid and it doesn't disintegrate when hurled out of a second floor window onto a slabbed patio below. The unit is rendered scrap, but only broke into 2 parts. Yes I lot my temper and trashed it.
I would not recommend this DVD player to anyone.
The £30 cheaper Acoustic Solutions DVD651 from Richer sounds - currently playing Blade with no problems is much better in my opinion.


i wouldn't want to spend less than £300 on a dvd player anyway :D


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Spectre, perhaps you could call in to the What Hi-Fi offices and hurl a few reviewers out of the window as well :D.
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