CXR surround sound options - I'm confused!


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I've got a Cambridge Audio CXR receiver linked to 7.1 speakers. What I'm confused about is all the surround sound options on the CXR.
The options the receiver gives me are:

Dolby D+ 3/2.1
Dolby D+ 3/2.1 +PLIIx Movies
Dolby D+ 3/2.1 +PLIIx Music
Dolby Digital (3/2).1 Plus +Neo:6
Dolby Digital Plus (3/2).1+PLIIX Movies
Dolby Digital Plus (3/2).1+PLIIX Music

Why so many and what do they all do? Which one's are best?


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Simply put the different flavours of Dolby Digital is what the source is encoded in.

PL11X and DTS Neo 6 are up-mixers which will expand the source to all speakers.
E.G 5.1 would be expanded to 7.1.
2 channel stereo would be expanded to 7.1, (very useful for TV where many programs are in stereo).

You cannot change the source, either Dolby, DTS, Stereo but you can employ the
up-mixers as you choose.

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