CX55 maybe dead white subpixels


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Last saturday I brought home the tv and the next day I discovered some defective pixels in the left side at around 3/5 of height.
** This is my first experience with this kind of tv **.
I tried to run the pixel refresher and it does not look it helped much (I'm not sure something changed).
I've seen that on youtube there are videos for unstucking pixels (those that are fastly flashing colors in cycle), but I'm not sure they are good for the tv in general and/or if they can help in my situation.
Of course I could try to ask for the warranty and I'm almost sure that this issue will be covered (as there are a lot of defective pixels), but in coronavirus times I fear that the times will be long for a repair and as the shops may close I don't know if it's worth the hassle (i bought it from a physical store).
Also as the tv is very heavy and fragile I've some fear to move and repack it.

Another fear that I have is that maybe is my fault, because when we (me and my father) fixed the base at the tv, we then lifted it but I grabbed it from around the same position where the defective pixels are. I hope this is not possbile.

The issue is noticebale only if you know where it is and is visible only at a certain distance (let's say less than 1 - 1.5 meters) and I tried to see it by the normal viewing distance and I'm not able to see it in any way with any content.
So it is not a great issue, but as the tv is new Im not happy with it. Maybe if the issue will not be solved with some tecnique, I'll ask the warranty when the corona will be over. A part from that I'm really happy with the oled.

I think the issue is caused by the white subpixels or the per-pixel sel illumination.
Attached are some photos.



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Was the TV bought last Saturday? If so get it replaced from the retailer. If not it'll be a warranty repair, who did you buy the TV from? Only other thing I can suggest is unplug the TV completely and leave it 5 mins and try again.


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Hi spikecast, thank you for the reply. I bought the tv from a physical Mediaworld store in Italy. I ordered it on 25 october as there was a special offer on top of another discount (from €1699 to €1499 to €1299). They did not have any 55CX in store so they ordered it and they call me last thursday and then I pick it up on saturday. There was no delivery and we loaded the tv in our car and did all by ourself. I only purchased the extend warranty, so 2 + 3 years (that does not cover physical damages though).
As written in the post, I know that almost for sure that defect would be covered by warranty, but for various reasons I have some fear to move the tv if it's not really necessary (it is in my bedroom at the 1st floor) and I don't know for how long I'd be without tv (also because of corona that slows down everything). I also read that others with defective pixels received a new tv but with the same or other problems so it is a bit of a lottery. My case looks worse, but as it is not noticeable during normal use I could live with it.
My question is if, in your opinion, it is a solvable issue and if yes what could I try and if I'll wait some months and eventually ask for the warranty if there could be problems with it.

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