CX Series 65"...a few questions


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I'm new to the group/forum and laid in the 65" CX series OLED and loving it but have a few issues:
  1. The remote loses some connectivity with the TV several times per week. Some functions work but volume stops working. When this occurs, I hold down the "Guide" button that restores connectivity with the remote but that is a pain and seems inappropriate for a tv with this cost. Any tips on eliminating this issue?
  2. I use a Sonos sound bar and woofer connected with the optical port. After some set up challenges, I have it functioning but the mute button on the remote does not mute the sound. Volume works fine. Any thoughts on this?
  3. Is there a way of presetting what comes up when you turn the tv on? Right now, I get loud static and have to hit the home button then Hulu, Netflix, etc. Any way of setting Hulu as the default when turning the tv on?

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