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Hello Forum

I have the CX for few weeks now and I realized that in some scenes, mainly when there is supposed to be gray-to-black or black-to-gray transition scenes it produces a strange gray cloud. I am not sure how to define it, but it happens with dark scenes and shadows.

I have attached picture (I increased contrast on the picture so that the issue is more visible). Visible difference between Gray and Black. I have read somewhere about the issue with ´black crush´. Is this the issue here? And if so, can it be solved somehow?

This is from SEE, on Apple TV: 4K, Dolby Vision - Cinema mode. OLED Light: 90, Brightness 50, Sharpness 0. No other features enabled.

Thank you!
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No. This looks like either one of two issues

1. DV Floating blacks
2. The source doesn't have enough bitrate to give the TV the information it needs to produce the image it should. Dark scenes via Netflix and other streaming services are always going to artifact and show macro blocking. This is because dark scenes require a LOT of data, and streaming services normally sacrifice these scenes to keep bandwith fairly tolerable for their wallets and our internet connections.

For example, GOT from TV and streaming services during that very dark episode looked great on OLEDs BUT did have issues with blocking. Everyone cried about it being their TVs blahblah. Fast forward, the Bluray comes out and it looks absolutely pristine.

With posterisation and smoothing, the issue is activating smooth posterisation DOES soften the image a bit in other scenes. Basically theres no easy answer to this. It could well be posterisation, and if is, then I'd say LGs this year are the worst at dealing with it.

I personally would not have smooth gradiation and posterisation filtering on because I want the sharpest image possible and instead would just find a better source (aka 4K UHD Bluray).

Obviously for Netflix titles and some streamed shows, thats just not possible.

If its DV floating black, a -1 brightness will fix it but will dark and remove some shadow detail OR -1 or -2 to the contrast in DV mode will also alleviate heavily the issue.


Overall incase you're worried.. no your TV isn't defective. Dark source material via streaming is just very difficult to ever be pristine because it requires lots of data. Even some physical media sources which are poorly filmed or developed have it.


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I purchased the LG CX after owning a Panasonic GZ2000 to be ready for next gen gaming, and OH MY GOD thos f¨¨¨¨¨ng floating blacks. It ruins the Dolby Vision experience

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