CX 77 to LG SN9Y Need help for connecting up


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Hi all i'm new to the soundbar and wanting to know how to set it up connection wise please, what imputs/outputs to use plus what cables.

Soundbar is the LG SNGY tv is the CX 77" i have the sky q box and a panasonic 4k blu ray player nothing else.

I have purchased a high speed hdmi cable is that all i need?

Be gentle as i'm not very tech savvy so laymans terms please.



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Connect the SNG9Y HDMI output to the TV port labelled as eARC (HDMI2 on TV).

Go into TV WebOS sound settings and check that the following are set
eARC = enabled
Sound out = HDMI-ARC
HDMI Audio Input Format = bitstream
Digital Sound Output = Pass-through or Auto (if having issues with pass-through).

That will configure the TV to use the bar, the TV should have some control over the bar via LG Simplink which is usually on by default.

You can leave the Sky and BD player connected to the TV and it should pass the audio to the soundbar.

Be aware some devices like Sky/BD player etc will have to be configured to pass 5.1 audio otherwise they will just output stereo.

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