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I hate that this is my first thread, but I’m at my wits end with Samsung Customer Service!

I purchased a Q70R (on sale) back in March and was immediately freaked out when I turned on the set. Horizontal black lines in the right side of the screen and the color faded to black & white. Thinking that there might simply be.a glitch, I unplugged the set and then re-connected everything. Upon turning it back on I was immediately enamored by the picture quality. It was absolutely stunning (coming from a VERY old Mitsubishi DLP). Yes, the reset worked.

34 days later the issue came back and no amount of resetting worked. Time to call customer service.

I was impressed with the speed at which they responded and was extremely happy (that didn’t last long). They troubleshot the set ran it through some tests and had me send pictures of the screen. I was informed that this would need to be sent out under warranty and they would call me back within 48 hours.

My memory isn’t photographic, but within a day they had called me and scheduled my set to be repaired the next week (so I thought). The date came and went and after another week I called for status. Customer Service explained they were having trouble finding a repair center in my area (I live in Las Vegas). They explained they would continue trying.

Over a week later they called and said there was nothing nearby and would have to escalate the issue. This is where things went south! It took them another week to call me and say they were looking into whether to refund Or replace the set. I explained I would rather have a replacement as a refund would require I come up with even more money and that wasn’t in my budget. The response was, “Samsung values their customers and will do what is right for them”.

Another week goes by and I don’t hear from them so I call back. When the person answers he is borderline abusive and says they had been trying to call me all week. When I looked at my missed calls I saw where they had called me about an hour earlier (I was driving at that time and didn’t see it come in). I was on the phone for a VERY long time as they decided they were going to refund my money as there were, “no sets available”. I even asked that to pay the difference on a newer set and was told, “that’s not how we do things”. I provided all the information and they texted me the forms I needed to fill out so I could return them ... by text.

I returned the text that evening With all the competed information and waited. And waited and waited and waited ... for several weeks. Finally, I called them again. I was hung up on two or three times before I finally got someone who was willing to figure out what was going on. The explanation? Oh, we were waiting for you to send the information. REALLY??!!! You don’t call me back or anything?? I immediately sent it all again and made sure they received it. Now, they informed me, I’ll have to wait for them to process it.

Weeks went by and I called again. “Oh, no one called you?” was their reply. They were sending a shipping company to the house to pick it up. I hadn’t been called about it. When I asked about my refund I was told I would get that until they received the set.

Two weeks later, the shipping company calls to let me know they were sending me a box. That arrived in a little over a week, but took them almost two more to contact me and schedule a pickup.

Here is where I added a little bit to the timeline as I had ordered another tv and was trying to get it on or before the pickup date. Of course my luck was that the tv was back-ordered. I scheduled the delivery and it was picked up on 7/29.

I received an email stating they had received the shipping info and my TV was being processed (this was Aug 4).

Another 10 days goes by (of course I was hung up on during return calls). Finally, someone calls me to ask if I had turned the set in. I replied, “yes” and they asked me for some numbers that the company should have provided me. I was never given any and was never informed they should have. Now, I’m openly pissed off!!!!

The representative says he’ll get them from the company and will call me back to determine if I want a check or direct deposit (I’ve finally learned that call backs are a way of delaying things). I never did get a call back...again I had to call them.

I call back a week later and am told that the check was mailed (that’s right, they didn’t allow me the option of direct deposit; they decided for me) and I should receive it with 14 days of it being mailed on 5 Aug.

19 Aug comes and .... nothing. I CALL ON 20 Aug and am told I should have received it within a week as it was mailed on 6 Aug.What game are they playing?!!!!!!

When I explained I never received it, I was told they would investigate guessed it, “call me back”. They did this time! They told me they were trying to find out what happened to the check. I explained they should cancel the check and just give me my money in direct deposit. I was told that that would take even longer because they have to wait 30 days after issuance to do something like that. They explained they were investigating and I would receive a call in 24-48 hours.It’s been over 72 and, SURPRISE, no call back.

Now my credit is affected because my credit card now has two tvs on it and they could give a rat’s behind!!!

Can anyone tell me what I should do? This feels like extortion! From April 24 until now and still...nothing!!!

If you live in the Las Vegas valley I caution you to stay away from a Samsung TV. #Samsungsux

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