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So I had a customer come into the store and were going out to her house later this week.

So pretense she wanted a 65" oled and put it into a cabinet that when she wants the tv on the cabinet will raise the tv up. Like those cabinets are about 3k or so but people can spend their money how they want.

The big issue is her living room is "40 feet". Which seems really long for viewing distance. I can't possibly see how any tv will work that far away. The real issue is she wants a soundbar for the tv and she wants it to reach her, her kitchen, and one other place. Regardless of the quality of soundbars. I don't think any soundbar in the world will reach that length.

I told her that she should consider component audio since it can do what she needs but she refuses. Has anyone had any luck with more "higher end soundbars".

I'm trying to think of a soundbar that will manage to be listenable at that range but I can't seem to think of anything maybe the Martin Logan Motion X or st-5000. When we go over their I'm still set on getting her to get component speakers like in wall or on-wall speakers to fill her room.

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'The real issue is' - the customers expectations are not feasible, you explain that and offer a feasible plan or install what the customer requests with the caveat that you have advised it will not work as well as expected/required.


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