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I am trying to set a custom resolution through MADVR for 2160p23 so that I have none, or very few missing or added frames.

I follow the online procedure and everything seems to work, allowing me to setup a custom resolution for above res with the custom settings showing it will have perfect timing between audio and video clocks, when I go into the MADVR's OSD it shows that the two timings are almost the same, like 0.00001 difference.

However when I look at the 1 frame drop line it says frame drop every 4.70 minutes, yet the custom timings section says no frame drops.

When I go into the Nvidia display panel it also shows that the correct custom resolution has been selected, showing 24hz (which I think is correct number for this custom setting of 23hz).

I have tried selecting other custom resolutions that do not show perfect timing, lets say frame skip every 1-2 hours to see it if makes a difference but it does not it always comes back to missing frames every 4-5 minutes, which is same as original EDID setting.

I have spent hours trying to figure this one out, to be honest took me a while to follow the procedure correctly to make the custom resolutions stick but once you understand this I have no issue in changing the base resolution for a custom one but for some reason it does not seem to work.

Does anyone have any words of advice and if I am doing something fundamentally wrong.

All comments appreciated.

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