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Custom Prints? Where from ?


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Hi all,

My wife stumped me today, with what i thought was a simple question - so thought i'd ask the experts here for some advice.

She has just bought a photo frame, that consists of 6 3"x3" smaller frames. She has a load of digital photos that she'd like to get printed to go in them.

Now, I can edit/Crop the photos that she wants into a square image, but how can i get them printed? Will jessops or someone similar do custom print sizes? Or is there any other magic i could use.

If i do a standard print, and then try to cut to size, its not going to be great.

Any guidance here appreciated !



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If I was doing this I'd probably create an A4 document and load into that my 3" x 3" pics. With the 3" x 3" you could oversize them a bit with a border perhaps and then cut out each around the border that way it should be fairly easy to cut them out of the A4 sheet and mount them to the frame mount using masking tape.


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thanks... guess that is one way... i'll give that some thought - any other inputs? Thx


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Have had a similar problem with some of our wedding photos to fit into a non-standard frame. Have had absolutely no luck with finding a reputable print shop that does custom sizes unfortunately, so bought some high quality photo paper, and printed them myself and then cut them to size with a guilletine(?)... and the results are pretty good.

I think with a 3" square photo you could get away with a self print job - as the quality shouldn't be a problem with such a small photo. Other than that don't have a clue.


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cheers... coming to the same conclusion...


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Custom Prints = DIY
Even if you could get a Printers who would patiently resize on their own PC/Mac or customised setup for you before printing, it is not unheard of that the finished print may have parts cut off ( machine is confused by "strange print size/ratio")
With some resizing in Photoshop ( or Elements ) done yourself, Decent Paper and a decent own Photoprinter, I would be surprised if your own efforts didn't equal ( or better) some of the stuff you would get off Jessops ect..
Printing this way for long runs of Standard prints sizes is not VFM but poor Quality is often not the issue and for a few ( especially custom sizes), often the most pragmatic solution


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yup.. agreed. Thx.

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