Custom PJ Screen motor ?


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I want to add a PJ and screen to my setup but the screen/motor must be completely invisible when not in use.

My setup currently is a 65" OLED screen, distance between my 2 front speakers is around 180cm (could stretch it a little but not much)
so a screen that dropped in between my front speakers would need to be 85" or less, and Ideally I would have a screen 102" (possibly bigger)
measuring distance from rear wall to front of speakers, distance is 50cm.

The screen would unfortunately run perpendicular to the ceiling joists so I cant hide it in the ceiling.

The only way I can see to make the screen invisible is to mount it to the existing ceiling and then box it in, however this would mean a box with a depth of around 60CM to house the screen and clear the front speakers

I can't see this flying with the missus and I think myself it would look a little silly.

So is it possible to get some kind of motor/mechanism that could slide the screen forwards a few inches (12 inches perhapsd) before it drops down ?
This way I could build a much smaller box to hide the screen/motor.

Or is there something else I can do to hide the screen.

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