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I recently put my new pc together thanks to the help from some of the members on here. Everything seems to go well although I have one final niggling issue which i am hoping someone on here can help me with.

Everything works fine when it boots, the problem is sometimes it does not boot. It does the initial post then on my monitor it suddely says monitor going to sleep and the boot process restarts. this normally happens only twice but occasionally get stuck in a cycle and i have to turn off the power.

Because the monitor goes to sleep i'm assuming that there is no power going to the graphics card for some reason. All fans etc continue to run as normal. When the machine boots successfuly instead of the monitor going to sleep i can see it starts recieving a signal as it display "auto adjustment in progress" and i imagine is setting the resolution for the input signal. So my thoughts are its a motherboard or grapics card issue. They are both from gigabyte.

I have tried all the connections and moved my ram to different slots all tono avail.

Does anyone have any suggestions/ideas as i am completely stuck.

Thanks in advance



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Post your build.

If oc-ed PCI/PCIE bus can be out of your cards’ range, but most likely BIOS/PSU issue.


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Its not overclocked.

How can test whether its the Bio or PSU


GByte NX96T512H-P 9600GT
GByte EP45-DS3L MoBo
Intel E8400 Core2Duo 3.0 GHz
GByte EP45-DS3L MoBo
TWIN2X4096-8500C5D 2x2Gb DDR2



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Don't know if it's much help but I have recently had the exact same issue you describe with my server at home and it was the PSU. I put up with it for a while and then one day it just went bang, literally.


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Would be ideal if you have another PSU to test with to determine if it's the PSU or not.

Other things to check / do:

- Make sure everything, & I mean everything (ALL cables, cards, RAM) is plugged in/seated properly
- Test RAM with Memtest86 to rule it out

You don't say how far into post the monitor goes off, or the PC begins to reset itself. Are you able to boot the PC into Safe Mode without problems? Try it. Someone having a similar problem to yours, found that a nVidia (GPU) driver file wasn't loading, which gave similar symptoms. A fresh OS install worked.

If it'll let you get to the option of booting from optical drive (change order in BIOS), try loading a Linux OS via LiveCD, e.g. PCLinuxOS (or any other free Linux distro that can be run via LiveCD). If this works each time with no problem, then you know it's not the PSU, but could be the GPU driver problem as above.


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- First disconnect power, remove and short circuit 3V battery contacts and reseat everything.
- Double check everything – not saying that you are but some people keep making silly mistakes as putting memory sticks into 2nd and 4th instead of 1st and 3rd, etc.
- Disable fast boot, configure your BIOS to disregard unneeded integrated devised/USBand LAN boot/etc and see through full checks – any slightest pause/hesitation – there the problem lies.
- Then check if your memory is in optimum HPP – 1066MHz+ @ 5-5-5-15-2T @2.1V – Corsair’s premium modules are known to give problems at lower voltages, even if speed is lower.
- You are unlikely to have a PSU issue, but just in case try to lower the load by removing unneeded opticals/HDDs/fans/etc. plus switching the rails and see how it goes.
- Flashing BIOS to a newest one is the next option.
Let us know then if any luck.


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I rememeber having these issues as i was trying to install the OS so i think i can rule out problems with drivers etc. It must be the hardware.

I'll go through all the suggestions mentioned at the weekend!

Thanks everyone
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Have you made sure the graphics card has its power cable connected if it needs one? I did this and it sounded like a fire engine coming down the street. The siren frightened the wife no end.

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