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ok so its in UK , WITH customs charges!!! im so angry, i am going to contact parcel force today at some point, is there any way of trying to avoid this charge??, the sender did assure me it was marked down and send as 'gift ' - so not sure why customs have made charges??? i am going to say it was a christmas present from my cusin (not really a lie as im sure we all trace back to adam n eve!!) is there anyway at all of avoidin the charge, if not what might i expect to pay??


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I'm afraid you have to pay, unless you have some very compelling evidence that you were being sent a gift or the value is less than £18.

Charges are 17.5% VAT + 10% Import Duty (I think it was the last time I paid) + courier handling fee (usually around £10).

Good Luck


Gift or not is irrelavant. You still have to pay. It is the value of the item which is important.

In fact customs can have their own valuation and not take yours. That's the law. As UK citizen we have to pay UK VAT. If the item falls into a catergory with import tax, there is also duty.

Not paying is evading taxes, no if or but. But you can look at it this way, you are contributing your fair share/tax to your country/government.

I don't want to pay neither but I am contributing.


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For Electronics it's something like;

Total Cost x 14% x 17.5% + Possible Handling Charge.

Even if an item is marked down it can still be checked and opened if Customs are suspicious.


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What did u import, a game?

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