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I can and have turned my hands to many things but carpentry has always been beyond me.

I looking for a cabinet to hide all the AV equipment can anyone recomend a company?


Best thing is to contact some bespoke AV consultants, as they usually know the best people to use for custom cabinets.
The best ones I know from experience are AudioVenue, and they do a lot of custom installations which often requires furniture.


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Custom bespoke AV cabinets will cost you a small fortune. I looked into this and discovered it was going to cost me several thousand pounds to acheive the effect I wanted. A cheaper solution is to visit some where like Ikea who stock a huge range of cabinets in various sizes and finishes. With a little thought you can adapt the units to fit your AV gear.

I used this idea after speaking with the manager of Prestige Audio who stated that it was a great solution if you want to stick to a budget. I built and slightly modified some Ikea cabinets around a six foot screen and was well pleased with the results.


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The trobule is the cabinet will need to fit into a bay window which is 10 feet across. I'm still going to get a quote because the wife has told me we're never moving so it had better be nice


Keep your eye open for used things from offices. I recently picked up a huge cabinet with 6mm think smoked glass doors for £10!! I used a jigsaw to build in an lcd monitor and cut out panels in the back to get to wiring and added a few extra touches. It would hold about 16 seperate bits of kit. Total cost was about £100:D

Mike A

Er I don't have pics of my racks, which to be honest were pretty basic (as I couldn't afford elaborate ones at the time :rolleyes: )

I'll drop him a note and ask as he did have pics of previous work.

I'll let you know......:)


Im also no good at woodwork, and I also had the problem of trying to hide my speakers in the front room, It had to look good and fit in with the room.

I looked at the wooden covers that people buy to conceal there wall mounted radiators. Im not sure how high you are planning to have your speakers, but these covers do look pukka.

You can get them from Homebase and B+Q and you can also decide which internal pannels.

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