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    First of all hello everyone :)

    I'm trying to put together a small form factor DVD player which don't seem to be readily available.

    I'm using the term build losely, basically I'm planning on putting a DVD player in a different box. However the problem is that this box is very short on space. So I'm trying to find out the DVD player with the smallest power supply and decoder boards in them, all the loaders seem to be a similar size.

    The major problem I'm having is that the shops arent taking too kindly to me asking to open up all their DVD players and measuring the bits inside and pictures of the insides on the internet are few and far between and dont usually give dimensions. So I was wondering if anyone minds voiding their warranty and opening their DVD up with a tape measure? Or if anyone knows the DVD player with the smallest insides I would be very grateful.

    I would be especially interested in seeing a disassembled portable tablet DVD player as this could solve my space problem. My only worry is that the whole thing will be integrated onto one board which isn't useful for me as I need to change the position of the outputs. (Although I could use extenders I guess)

    Feature wise the only thing i need is for it to play DVD and DivX and it to be a drawer or slot loader (no lids please)

    I've also looked at DVD headunits for cars and even changing a PS2 slim to be slot loading but that doesnt appear to be possible

    Thanks so much for any help.
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    Any chance (when you have a few minutes to spare ,of course) of dropping over to me and fixing the odd freeze I get on my Tosh. 370E dvd player.And while you're at it have a look at my SKY HD set up and fix these failed future recordings problems I have?:D
    But,seriously,I wish you the best of luck with your endeavours.

    As its your first post I should have said welcome.I can just about distinguish between a scart and hdmi connection and here you are trying to build your own player.With your technical knowledge you will be an invaluable asset to this forum.

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