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I posted a thread about what to do when I am looking to buy a new tv while the old one is still covered by curry's whatever happens, and although I had one option that was apparently inappropriate - that was said in innocence, I did not consider fully what I was saying.
I am simply looking to see if anyone has had any deals in this situation, as with mobile deals you get free upgrades etc etc..

P.S. please instead of closing please speak to me and i'd have happily reworded my question as I'm simply looking for advice.
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Do you need to buy from Currys? John Lewis and Richer Sounds offer good service, particularly John Lewis when you consider a good five year warranty is included in the price and they will price match as long as the other seller has a shop and isn't simply online.
Oh, and don't be talked into buying expensive HDMI cables.
On line purchasing can be cheaper but sometimes the difference isn't much.


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It's a gamble taking out this sort of cover on any appliance. You won't get anything back from Currys unless the TV is beyond economic repair while you are still paying the premiums. Best to put it down to experience and think long and hard before signing up for similar deals in the future.


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No, I don't plan on going with any of this cover this time round, was young and didn't know better.. Will be getting 5 year warrenty and putting it under home insurance.
OK so I'll just cut my contract now then. Such a money sink.


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