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flaming laptop has hardware failure.

laptop kept crashing today. Did system restores and ran system repairs but still kept on crashing constantly, either at start up or a few seconds after windows 7 loading up. Even crashed in safe mode. Managed to eventually save all the files and pictures on to USB stick, less that 1GB in total

phoned what ever happens number, call lasted 18 minutes. Was told to go into safe mode and untick all start up items in msconfig and untick the automatic restart box so i can get to actually read the error messages that appear. Doing this took 16 minutes, mean-while it kept crashing. then i was told to do a windows memory diagnostic, she said this should say if there are any hardware faults and if there wasnt to do a whole system reboot. i asked how long would the diagnostic take, and was told 30 mins so i thanked her and got off the phone. Seems like they try to keep you on the phone as long as possible :nono:, she should have told me to run the diagnostic a lot earlier than 18 mins into the call :mad:.

took laptop into work (working now) and ran diagnostic. it said there is a hardware failure and to restart to get specific info. so i restart and it keeps crashing but everytime the blue sceen that appears has a direct error code, so my laptop must be ********.

anyone had any luck with returning items to currys with the whatever happens policy on the item. Also the laptop is still in warranty, 12 days of warranty left :rolleyes:


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Bit of background, sent my plasma TV back to them for repair, this starts about 2 weeks after they collected it:-

'Rang up Currys earlier to get an update on what was happening with my TV, seems it's on it's way to the distribution centre and from what I was told they haven't done anything. Was told they'd tested it and found nothing wrong with it , if it comes back and it's the same I will not be happy! Told the woman I was speaking to this and she said if it's the same take it back to the store for a replacement and show them the problem there'

'Well it's been nearly 2 weeks since my TV went back for repair, hadn't heard anything re them delivering it back so I rang them earlier to be told it's being delivered this afternoon between 2pm and 6pm , nice of them to tell me! Good job I can work from home really , gonna have to dash home now and hope what they told me was correct (I have my doubts....). From what they told me on Friday it doesn't seem they've done anything'

'Well , you're gonna love this, got my TV back but not in the original box that I sent it back in and with no stand or remote control that were in the box It was basically just the screen in some bubble wrap and that was it. I'm absolutely fuming. Not heard the last of this.....

Apparently according to the job sheet nothing has been done because 'No cover for this fault' Obviously not 'Whatever happens' cover then is it They're ringing me back in the morning to let me know if they've managed to locate my missing bits and work out where to go from here'

'And just to cap it all off I switched it on this morning to check the banding was still there which of course it was but now as well as the banding there's a big 'MAGIC' music channel logo burnt in in the middle of the screen, now it looked pretty bad to me but not sure if its IR or screen burn and haven't got the remote to go into the scrolling thing to see if it goes but it looked like screen burn to me it was that bad. Absolutely disgraceful that its been returned to me like that, the way I feel right now I'm in the mood to fight for compensation over this whole episode! They're supposed to be ringing me anytime now to let me know if they've found the box etc and explain what the 'No cover for this fault' means'

'Update..apparently newark (where my TV went for repair) can't find the box/stand/remote etc. I've taken the TV back to the store I bought it from and they're dealing with it now, showed the manager the problem when I took it in and they're sending it for repair for a 2nd time. They've lent me a 32" LCD TV and to be fair have been very reasonable about it so far but then again I would hope so considering everything that's gone on!'

'Just spoke to the manager at the store who are dealing with this now, apparently my tv hasn't been collected from the store yet, due to be collected on Saturday or Monday. I reminded him that there is a 28 day limit to repair it according to the terms of the whatever happens cover after which if it hasn't been repaired I'm entitled to a replacement. According to the manager though if my tv comes back and hasn't been repaired and therefore has to go back again the 28 day timer is reset and starts again from the date its collected the 2nd time. That is quite frankly ridiculous, gonna ring the whatever happens line now and find out if that's true!'

'Mine went back for the 2nd time on Saturday and I got a text yesterday saying it had been repaired and is being delivered back this Friday. Now if it was only collected on Saturday and I got a text yesterday saying it had been repaired that only really gave them Monday to fix it! I've got the store trying to find out what they've done as we speak. Still not heard anything about the missing box, stand and remote they lost the first time they had it! Someone will have to provide those items and I don't care who!'

'Just rang up to find out what the latest 'repair' constituted to be told according to the notes they've 'fitted a stand and supplied a remote control'. So that's twice they've had it now to fix the banding on the screen, the first time for nearly two weeks where they did nothing and lost the box, stand and remote and this time for a week where they've fitted a stand and supplied a remote that they lost the first time they had it and still haven't done anything about the banding. The person I spoke to even said they could see the note on there from the store manager explaining what the problem was with it! CURRYS WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE???!!!'

'Just to update you all on where we are with my C680 repair story... was 28 days yesterday and they haven't repaired it (it's sat at my local store waiting to be collected for a 3rd time). Asked for a write off authorisation yesterday and waiting for that to come through now, by the sounds of it they'll give me a voucher for the current price of it i.e. £799 and I then have to decide what to do. Do I get another C680 and hope it's a good one? Do I get something else and pay through the nose for it from Currys? Do I get the LG 47LD920 from Richer Sounds for £599 , get a new TV from Currys and sell it on? Whatever happens (excuse the pun) it looks like I won't be getting a new TV until at least the middle of next week, what an absolute nightmare it's been. I'll tell you one thing, after all this is done I'm cancelling all the whatever happens agreements we've got (think there's 3 or 4 we've got) and will never take another one out again, in fact I doubt I'll ever shop at Currys again after all this!'

to cut a long story short I got it swapped for an LG 47LW550T , the first of which was delivered damaged:-

'Box is in a right state, TV seems to be intact though. Box was stood on its end in the van, why is it they just ignore the arrows on the box indicating which way up its supposed to be?! Fingers crossed its survived the journey then, will soon find out.'

'47" from currys. I've unpacked it and just taken the wrapping off the bezel and there's a gorge (scratch) in it Absolutely ****** off, dunno what to do now. Bloody currys delivery is terrible, you wouldn't think it was someone else's property the way they treat it! Really can't be doing with getting another TV I've had enough now Will post pics of the box and the bezel damage do I carry on and try it or just ring currys and tell them to swap it? Thing is I signed the form that says 'I have examined the products and confirm they are free from any damage' but that was just a quick check mainly that the screen looked ok. Grrrr I give up I really do, had enough of Currys to last a lifetime!'

Some pics of the condition when it arrived:-

Got that one replaced and it's fine thank god, all told though it took about 7 weeks to get sorted out, absolute nightmare. All I can say is good luck and I hope you don't have the problems I had!


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I took in my PS3 and they swapped it on the spot after 2 years. It does have to be the same shop you bought it from though otherwise they just book it in for a repair and that is where the real problems start!

With 12 days of warranty left you shouldn't have any problems at all swapping it.


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brought it to currys today, going to repair it, guy said they will put in a new hard drive and can take up to 28 days. there using the warranty instead of insurance policy :(


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but wont they need to put windows 7 on it and all the other crap that comes as standard on that brand of laptop?

Re-installing windows takes about an hour at most from scratch.

The 28 days is probably them just waiting on the warranty hard drive to come in from the manufacturer of your laptop. Should've told them to grab the largest laptop hdd from the storage and fit that instead for free.

I would've said if its going to be 28 days until you get yours back, you want a loaner laptop until then, as you need it for work purposes and you'll be billing them for any loss of earnings due to the faulty hardware, bet it wouldnt be 28days wait then.. ;)


Using it for work invalidates the retail warranty... :D


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brought it to currys today, going to repair it, guy said they will put in a new hard drive and can take up to 28 days. there using the warranty instead of insurance policy :(

Having worked there, 28 days is generally the maximum.

It's a sort of scare tactic to get you to take out W.E.H as with that it'll be repaired or replaced within 21 or 7 days depending on which teir of the W.E.H you go for.

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