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Sep 10, 2003
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Ordered my wii from Currys, was 4th on the preorder list.

They said I should get it on launch. Launch arrives, they receive 0 units. They tell me I should receive wii at the latest by 16/12/06 and they will phone me in the week to confirm this.

Received no phonecall, couldn't get through until today when they tell me that I won't be getting one before christmas.

They say that they can't do anything about it because I didn't take down anyones name when I talked to them.

What a pain that they are trying to blame me. I mean who seriously takes down the name of every person they speak to at a shop? Barmey.

I don't really care that much as I am more than happy with my DS and 360 ATM, but Currys attitude is really pathetic TBH.

I will get my £20 deposit back and avoid in future.

It is a pain as I was totally shafted by amazon for the 360 this time last year.

I'm just glad i'm not going to bother with the ps3 as the hassle there will be huge again. :(
Same here...g'friend was told she was 4th on the list with Currys....still no Wii...should have know better than to trust them; bought a washing machine from them once came broken and yet the amount of trouble I had getting them to swop it out.

Would say avoid them at all costs!
I must admit that i've given up relying on pre orders, I always seem to get shafted over. OK it meant waiting in the cold for a few hours outside TRU but it was actually reasonably good fun having a banter with the other people waiting and it was probably the most satisfying console purchase i've made.

I guess if I was going to pre-order something then i'd use Game in store as they seem to be the only one where there hasn't been much problem. They get a good amount of stock in so you know if you order early you should be pretty much guaranteed one. Argos, Amazon, DSG etc. all seem to have shafted people over at one stage or the other.
@ Games Guru

Not being funny mate, but it's taken you 4 years and nearly 5000 posts on here to find that out :confused: :D
You do have my sympathies though :(
I feel sorry for people who really want one and can't get one :thumbsdow
I've even tried to get them myself to help people out, but no joy (not for profit, I should add).

Nice avatar though ;)
Currys got me a 360 on launch day after ordering just 3 months or so previous while places like Game couldn't meet preorders placed much earlier.
Currys are general useless at most things. Some of their staff are appalling!

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