Currys/PC World - 3 for £12 on all blus

Blu-ray films Buy online | Currys

Can use to check stock/reserve, though might be worth popping in anyway as there may be others/stock levels may be wrong. Likely won't be marked up, but will scan through.

Some good titles on offer. Picked up Zodiac, Casino, Gran Torino, The Matrix, Moon and Blade Runner today for £24 total. :thumbsup:

EDIT: In-store only, I should point out.

Also, Currys stickers are just the worst.
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Is this offer still on? I checked the site and there's no sign of the offer.

Kev W

It's on until they run out of blus or Jan 1st, where they will get rid of the rest apparently. They're stopping selling blus as they can't compete (all marked up at £12.99, not really surprising :p), so are shifting stock.

There won't even necessarily be sign of the offer in-store (there wasn't in mine), but the reduction will be at the till. And the staff will be aware of it by now, most likely.


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The staff had no idea about this when I went in today, but the assistant knidly scanned in a selection and all came up at 3 for £12 - so bought Bladerunner, Moon and I am Legend.
Picked up some yesterday.
when i asked a sales girl in PC World where the Blu rays movies were she said we don't sell them here.
2 isles away is where they were.
all they had worth getting was
Blade runner
Clone wars
Open Season.
3 Christmas presents for £4 each.


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popped to my locals -- loads in stock! infact nearly/mostly all titles are there, had to enquire about the offer as staff were unaware the promotion was running.

I picked up 6x in all (£24)
  • Gran Torino
  • Seven Pounds
  • Surf's Up
  • Role Models
  • The Da Vinci Code (2 disc edition)
  • Charlie and the chocolate factory (replaces my hd-dvd edition -- anyone know of any differences between the versions?)
I am tempted to go back to pick up afew more, namely 'Angels & Demons', 'Blood Diamond', 'Body of Lies', 'Tears of the Sun', 'Troy' & 'State of Play' :thumbsup:


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just been to Robin Park branch (Wigan) not worth the trip apart from getting 3 films the entire blu ray department was a plastic stand with a dozen films on it

the 3 I got though were
Moon Zodiac Surfs Up


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Had to ask about the sell-off, assistant scanned three discs and was surprised that Customer Offer 3for£12 came up on screen.

Just cost me £60 :eek: on new films and up-grades of discs I already have, great bargains and thanks to OP :thumbsup:

Carl Scaramanga

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Thanks OP, no mention of the offer on display at my local Currys either but managed to pick-up Casino, Blood Diamond, Moon, Wanted, Zohan and Enter the Dragon for £24 today.

They had Zohan marked-up as £19.99 so not suprised they say they can't compete!


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They had Zohan marked-up as £19.99 so not suprised they say they can't compete!

All the ones I bought scanned at lower prices (£9.99) than their incorrect stickers anyway, even before the offer kicked in.

Dark Knight was also priced at £19.99, people will, and obviously had, just ignore prices like that these days.


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The PC World in Catford had nothing but the Currys had around 25 Blu's, probably 15 different titles including Fast & Furious, District 9 (x2), Hancock (x2), 300, Zodiac (x2) and Blood Diamond.

I myself picked up The Da Vinci Code, Pitch Black and I Am Legend. Originally scanned at £9.99 each but they eventually came to £12.

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