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Currys changeing sets policy?

General Panic

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Hi guys

My brother recently got a "Managers Special" Panny 37" plasma for £1100 which developed a speaker fault. After 4 weeks the tech people phoned up to say still can't get replacement part and should look at exchangeing the machine.

So far so good , Currys agreeed to change to value paid but not a new 37" Panny so yesterday he got a new 42" Samsung for an extra £300. Not a happy bunny last night , picture quality on SD freeview box blows chunks and upscaled dvd player poor results compared to his busted Panny. Spent ages going through various picture settings and controls etc.

Question now is where does he stand? Can he get a full refund or try another make? Originally his budget was £1000 for a good 32" plasma but the 37" Panny at £1100 seemed to good to be true. He's now spent £1400+ and can't go any higher and also now would prefer a 42" or 37" screen. He's scared to go back to Currys (bless) and asked my advice and i'll probably do the talking for him but no idea on Currys policy on exchanges/refunds?

Any advice appreciated from any Currys workers in particualr?

tell him to go back to the shop and put the rubbish samsung on the desk and demand a refund or a decent plasma.

Only conisder a decent make next time...(he was right with the panasonic the first time....)

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the dixons group are probably the worst company in the world for return, they will blatantly deny your consumer rights to your face.

as he didnt get a refund in the first place and had a replacement it puts him in murky waters. but if the set was to develop a fault*cough* within the first 7 days youd be entitled to an instant refund, you do have upto 28 days but it would be harder to push knowing currys.

if you want to go that route, take the set to the store and refuse to leave without a refund, within 28 days you DO NOT have to send it off to be looked at.

theres a sticky somewhere in one of these forums about the sales of goods act, id suggest you take a look at that.

good luck:thumbsup:


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I have a horrible feeling you might be in trouble here. If your brother's original set (which the time period would have started from) developed a fault (and it sounds like this was not within the 28 days) then by allowing you an exchange/refund option they have fulfilled their statutory obligations for that product.

If you decide you don't like the new set (ie there is nothing materially wrong with it) then I am not sure anything in the sale of goods act will protect you, essentially your brother has changed his mind and it probably now comes down to goodwill on the part of DSG which in my experience they tend not to have too much of :(

General Panic

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Thanks for the replies guys. Just wanted some "ammo" to hand before i stroll in. Our local Currys (been here almost 25 years now) is one i do find the staff very helpful and i think like Nictry says my best bet is the goodwill approach.

I don't want to rub the fact of "i told you so" into my bro but i knew he wasn't going to be too impressed with the Samsung after viewing the Panny for 6 weeks but all he saw was a larger newer set etc etc. Live and learn i guess.

Thanks once again and i'll see just how helpful the Currys staff are tonight after work.


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JagoPlasma said:
if you want to go that route, take the set to the store and refuse to leave without a refund, within 28 days you DO NOT have to send it off to be looked at.

theres a sticky somewhere in one of these forums about the sales of goods act, id suggest you take a look at that.

good luck:thumbsup:

This striclty speaking isn't true jago. You are entitled to an exchange if a fault has been established within the first 6 months never mind 28 days (refund within 28 days). However the retailer IS entitled to get it looked at by a qualified person (send it away) to establish a fault even if it is 1 day old. Why is this? To establish a genuine fault ie you could have damged it yourself or in some cases the TV could just be set up very poorly. I'm not saying this is right but that is the sale of goods act (very very briefly).

In this case a refund was obtainable on the Pana but now wont be easily on the Samsung. The store is not obliged to refund or exchange it because the pic isn't as good as you want (they would argue that they have one on display that you saw before you bought it). They may exchange it as a good will gesture but you will do very well to get your cash back.

Please do this when in the shop- Make sure that the manager knows that you are very unhappy but do it in a polite way and dont make idle threats like staying in the store til you get your money back, this wont work unless the manager is very weak. If you make them aware of how you feel strongly but without being rude you will get far more out of them than if you start shouting etc. The manager is a person, if you shout at him/her you will put their back up and they will be less willing to help you.


Having been a manager for Curry's and Comet here is the facts (Comet are beter at this than CURRYS)

Their own exchange/reapair policy states this does not affect your statutory rights.

Your statutory rights states the product must be of satisfactory quality, in your case the set developed a fault and the parts cannot be supplied in a reasonable period of time so they suggested a replacement. You purchased an ex display product at a reduced price. Any missing items faults or damage should have been made aware to you at purchase. Your warranty starts at the time of purchase, lets say 1 year, that mirrors the manufacturers warranty.

Your statutory rights state if a product develops a fault within the manufacturers warranty you are entitled to:

a; repair free of charge to bring back up to manufactures spec. or
b; an exchage for a similar value product. or
c; a full refund.

The retailer has right of inspection to ensure that the product has not been abused but you must state that you do not want the product repaired if the product is found to have a fault.

How long has he had the new Samsung?

He should go straight back see the manager and explain he is not happy in a calm manor.

He should state that it is not his fault that Currys could not repair the pana in a reasonable time & that the replacement set is nowhere as good as the pana.

He should be able to get a pana 37 px60 for within the £1400 he has paid. Curry web price for this is £1149 inc cabinet


This says ends Monday, he may say they cant match this as web is a separate part of the company, THEY CAN
tell him not be scared but go see the Manager tomorrow!!!

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