Currently with VM & Sky. Can I get everything I want with VM alone


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The enclosed file shows how my house is currently set up. I have a Sky Q box in the lounge with a remote mini box in the kitchen diner. VM cable from the box outside enters through the office and is then split. One cable connects to the Hub 4 router and the other runs to the snug connecting to a VM360 box. A VM wifi pod is also plugged in the lounge. I am very happy with VM Broadband (1GB). The issue is whether I can get the TV package requirements with VM as well so I can say goodbye to Sky. The issue I see is how will VM be able to connect to the main TV in the lounge. Another cable from the VM box outside and to another 360 Box? Would this affect the signal quality? Also how would the TV in the kitchen diner be connected to VM (even more cables?). In respect of TV channels it should be just a case of adding Sky Sports and Netwflix to the VM package. Finally I am currently paying £65 for Sky TV including Sky Sports and Netflix and £85 for VM 1GB BB, Telephone line and TV including BT Sports. So assuming I could get everything from VM for less than £130, but would the set up be as good? Any comments and suggestions welcome.
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You'd lose SKY Atlantic if depending upon Virgin alone for your TV provision. SKY don't make SKY Atlantic available to anyone but their own satellite customers and it wouldn't be available via Virgin Media's cable TV service. Most if not all the other channels you can get via SKY are available via VM, but you wouldn't get any of the SKY channels such as their Sports channels available in UHD in UHD via VM.

Signal quality would be the same regardless of the number of VM TV boxes you have. You'd need to be using more than 4 for any issues to start arising.

Note that you will not be given the option of a second or additional 360 box with its own integral hard drive and you'd be offered the newer mini 360 box for additional rooms. If you'd a TiVo then you could have had additional TiVo boxes with integral hard drives. As it is, all content will be recorded to and stored on your main 360 box's hard drive.

Each and every box in your home will require its own coax feed from the main VM coax feed that enters your building. The boxes do have wifi, but not in relation to propogating a connection to the VM network and cable TV services. The wifi is only there to propogate communications with other boxes in the building over your home network via your VM SuperHub and for accessing services dependant upon internet access.

Note that you'd ordinarilly be limited to 2 mini boxes as well as your main 360 box.

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