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Curious bi/di-polar question

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by ric_hall, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. ric_hall


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    I have a curious question, unrelated to any of my other current threads about bi/di-polar speakers and how they deal with obstructions .

    Basically my bed is my viewing position for the av set-up present in that room(lucky me) . Assume the bed to be placed back from centre in the room .
    The surround speakers are placed on the side walls roughly three to four feet above my listening position(assume them to be vertically aligned with my ears) . The distance to the back wall of the room from the surrounds is just over three feet(possibly four) and ten to twelwe feet to the front of the room .
    I am positioned say just under three feet(horizontally) at any point from either of the side walls . The bed has a wooden headboard about one foot in height which my head obviously rests against .

    Based on these dimensions, is there any point in investing in bi/di-polar speakers on the side walls(over the current radiating speakers) taking the headboard into account?

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