Curing lip sync problems with a PC


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If I take the optical out of my Sky+ box & into a soundcard with an optical 'in', delay the data & then output it again via the soundcard's optical out & into my AV amp, I'm figuring that will solve any lip sync problems.

I'm more use to working with stere analogue audio on my PC, so some questions..

1. I'm thinking that the best method is simply to keep the signal in it's original form, delay it, then feed it back out the PC...problem here is that I don't think such a program exists!

2. Other alternative is to decode the optical signal into it's multiple discreet audio channels, apply some delay, then put back into one optical feed...problem here is that Idon't know what i'm talking about!

Can anyone shine any light on what's going on with the content from optical out from a Sky box (or I guess any other optical audio source)....& what options could be used within a PC to delay the signal?

This is more of a fun project than a serious alternative.

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