Cupboard door expert wanted!!


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For some reason one of my kitchen cupboard doors has started playing up. It was fine before yesterday but now is very stiff to open (as if something it wedged in there but there is nothing) and then it won't shut properly.

Do the screw thingies come loose on their own? If so I have absolutely no idea how to adjust them to try and fix this!


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Cheers I'll give it a go. Is there any way you can fix this with a hammer because that's about my limit!!


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Apparently all you need in your toolkit is WD40 and Gaffer tape-

If it moves and it's not supposed to Gaffer it, if it doesn't move and it's supposed to WD40 it!

Only in extreme cases should you revert to the ICI Screwdriver (ie. A hammer)


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You'll probably find that the bottom of the door has dropped, causing it to bind on the cupboard casing as you open and close it.

Open the door to 90deg, and lift it by putting your hand under the outer bottom corner. I reckon you'll find that the bottom hinge is loose, ie the bit attached to the door slides over the bit screwed to the casing. Hold the door up so that its inner edge is parallel with the casing, and tighten the holding screw on the hinge. Check the other hinge(s) whilst you're at it.

It is possible to do this single-handed, but a bit of help will make it much easier.

I hope this doesn't sound too complex. Basically, open the door and waggle it up and down. If there is a loose hinge, it should be obvious.


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Cheers, I'll have a go at that later. At the moment I'm keeping the cupboard door closed with blu-tac, which is not ideal :laugh:

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