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    Internet Security Has Never Been This Simple
    The days of protecting your home with just an alarm system or Antivirus are over. If you have a TV, smartphone, or even a baby monitor in your home then you are an easy target for cybercriminals. It takes 20 minutes before criminals attempt to hack your newly connected devices and unfortunately, more often than not, they are successful. Criminal hackers break into your home devices to steal your identity, watch your cameras, access your financial information, and worse. Antivirus only protects your PC and Firewalls are outdated the moment the ship leaving the rest of your connected devices vulnerable to attacks.

    Even though most devices will come with some form of basic security – which can be easily bypassed- smaller IOT devices such as baby monitors may not have any security measures installed on them at all. This makes them prime targets for hackers who usually try to use these devices as a backdoor into your system. A 2014 survey carried out by Ponemon Institute for CNNMoney showed that at least 110 million Americans – that is roughly half of the population – had been hacked in the last year, adding to the growing concern about cyber security.


    What Is CUJO?
    The team at CUJO built a smart device that guards all of your connected home devices from hacks. It’s simple to start with no installation necessary. You get an app that alerts you anytime somebody attempts to hack into your devices.

    The protection that CUJO provides is vital, especially with the number of connected devices increasing in each home every year.


    How Does It Work?
    CUJO works by connecting directly to your wireless router via an ethernet cable. It then analyzes not only the devices that are connected to the router, but also how those devices behave and interact with each other on the network. By learning how the devices communicate, CUJO can determine when there is anything abnormal going on within the system and prevent a potential security breach.

    CUJO also uses a multi-layered security system that encompasses a firewall, antivirus, and antimalware software to ensure that you receive the best protection from all virtual threats. Should CUJO detect any suspicious activities, it will send a notification to an app on your smartphone, giving you full, detailed report about the attempted breach.

    For instance, imagine that you have your laptop, smartphone, tablet, and thermostat connected to your wireless router. Perhaps you have an app that allows your phone, tablet, and laptop to communicate with your thermostat, however, communication the other way is not authorized, or not normal. Should a hacker try to access your system via your thermostat, CUJO will recognize the abnormal behavior and stop the attack, and also send you a message alerting you to the change in behavior.

    How Will This Benefit You?
    As mentioned earlier, the year 2014 saw 110 million Americans getting hacked in 12 months that is half of the adult population of the country. Most of these security breaches may seem minor, but they have led to thousands of cases of identity theft, credit card fraud, and other crimes.

    Most of the information stolen by hackers is not sensitive corporate information like the Ashley Madison information leaked by “The Impact Team”. Rather, the information is more personal and includes things like full names, credit card numbers and bank account numbers.

    There are thousands of stories from around the world involving hackers who had breached systems and used webcams and security cameras to spy on the owners. Images stolen by such criminals are usually used to blackmail unsuspecting victims or as surveillance to aid in burglaries and other such crimes. By using CUJO, you reduce the risk of having your sensitive personal information stolen.

    CUJO also reduces the risk of damage being caused to your devices. Most people do not realize that when hackers access their networks, they can not only slow down the whole system, but they can destroy some of these devices. Should this happen to your system, you will not only be paying for your lost information but your lost devices as well.

    Click here to visit CUJO's Indiegogo pre-sale campaign that just started. They need backing to get CUJO to the masses so they are selling the device for only $49. Even small contributions raise their popularity and give them more visibility.

    Please also share their page to get the word out!

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