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    If just managed to get hold of a CTX EzPro 550 LCD projector from a corporate presentations company. I was familliar with the kit, nicknamed the CYCLOPS, due to its pop up lens, having read many reviews of it and similar ones from the same range, (the 540 was reviewed by HCCO a year or so ago). Initially I was very pleased. The picture quality was cool, loads of options, free carry case - it was mint. But when I actually started to use the thing for video, I noticed that about every 15 vertical lines there was a distortion in the form of some lines which looked out of sequence. At first I thought it just to be poor interpolation, but I am increasingly convinced that the kit ain't working right. This is a great pity as the thing actually suits my needs perfectly, and the picture quality is much better than other "cheap" projectors I have seen. I am considering returning my 550, but as CPD do not have a replacement currently, I would be facing a Christmas without Mr Bond diving across a ten foot screen, or the death star blowing into my living room, and I was rather looking forward to that. I would appreciate any help advice or suggestions from anyone more in the know than myself. Please note that I am using the compostie video input and that this problem only occours on vertical lines, nothing is wrong with the horizontal. I do not have any kit which uses the SVHS socket. If you don't know the EzPro series, its based on a single 6.5cm TFT panel giving a native resolution of 600 X 800, compression allows for up to 768 X 1024. The review in the mag is of the EzPro 500 which doesn't mention any similar problems, (the 500 series uses a metal halide lamp, not a halogen, and cannot display SVGA without additional intefacing).

    Please help - send it back, don't send it back, it's your call!

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