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CSI New York Season 6 *SPOILERS* Rant


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I've just watched the final episode of season 6 of CSI New York. It's not a patch on the original (that said final episode of current season of CSI: Vegas seems to have picked up the awfulitis and stupidity based cliffhanger of the others), but really the final episode was so shockingly awful I had to write about it.

I actually like the characters in New York, but after the terrible Rear Window episode I didn't think it could get any worse. I liked the little things like Sinise's prescense and the Mac/Stella relationship that thankfully hasn't turned into a romance, but really it is getting worse. It's bad enough the number of episodes that have to be about the CSIs - don't they have crimes that affect other people? Or the fact that Mac's moral values are increasingly being rammed down the viewers throat, but really...

As I watched up to the point of the awfulness of Casey dropping from the lighthouse and it got to the scene with Danny and Lindsay on the bed I thought... ok that's over it'll fade. Now, will it go from bad to word I can't say without getting told off by the mods. It did. The dude that fell into the water from great height is in Danny's kids room. I was almost wishing for that terrible plot device of "oh it was a scary dream".

I know you have to take a pinch of salt with the CSI episodes, and I could tolerate the past dramatics of New York, but really. There are shows that are more rounded and realistic like The Wire, and I do watch those. That said I liked the fact that, as gross approximation as it may be, (and my friends with non crime scene, but other labs skills, do tell me the lab work leaves a lot to be desired) that CSIs are series that you can watch a mini story per week as opposed to the "to be continued" fests that you see. All said there's a point where even my tolerance goes.

Oh... Miami I, dropped a long time ago. Though maybe I'll watch the eventual episode where Horatio reveals himself to be the second coming (I do miss the comedy value of the Tilty Head and Cally ;) ). I will admit there were a few episodes in Vegas and NY that have been interesting, but it's looking like I may be dropping New York at this rate. Possibly Vegas too, despite liking Fishburn (I hear they're making changes to his character.... :rolleyes: )
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