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Sep 9, 2000
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Aberteifi Cymru
last nights episode failed to record on my sky+,dont know why???does anyone know if they repeat it at all??
no they do not I am afraid. You will have to wait until Living get their mucky paws on it

It was a great episode too
cheers guys,dont know why the sky+ failed on it though,it recorded the programmes later on fine?
these things happen with sky+ from time to time

your mailbox is full by the way

it's in the post
what a star man u are bobbles,it arrived today,cheers.my inbox allways seems to be full even though there is nothing at all in it?????e mail @ [email protected]

Although I liked Season 1 of "CSI: Miami", I'm finding Season 2 a real letdown so far. I know it's only been a couple of episodes, but it seems... Well, it just doesn't seem to have the same kind of incendiary, kick-ass, ballsy stories that made Season 1 so great. At least "CSI: Crime Scene Investigations" is still as good as ever! :D

I hope "CSI: Miami" improves, because the characters are certainly interesting, and Callie's love interest could develop nicely, if the shows creators get their way!

I have to disagree

I thought the first two episodes were excellent and the third even better

CSI has started strong too, not sure about that beard mind you

I'm looking forward to CSI new york
last nights csi was class,thanks for the cd by the way bobbles,excellent stuff on it......south park:clap:

any casting news on csi new york yet??
I'm sure they will go for a big name as the lead, hollywood star without a hit film for a while?
Mark Hamill:)
Gabe Byrne??? and a younger (guaranteed to be fairly tasty) woman

C.S.I.: NEW YORK (CBS) - Some additional details have emerged about the upcoming spin-off. Unlike its predecessors, "New York" will focus on the lives of two main characters, a man and a woman who work together as investigators, instead of a large ensemble cast. The two yet-to-be cast characters will be featured on this season's second-to-last episode of "C.S.I.: Miami," set to air in May, in which investigators from "Miami" will be called to New York to investigate a murder involving a Miami resident. It's also expected, according to "New York's" showrunner Anthony Zuiker, to feature "a lot of hand-held camera work to really get us out on the streets." Zuiker, along with fellow executive producers Ann Donahue and Carol Mendelsohn, plan to scout filming locations in New York next month.
sounds excellent.Don't suppose you know what make of sunglasses horatio wears in csi miami??need a new pair for this summer,if we get one?
Well they did go for a big star

Steve Buschemi

I don't know who the female lead will be mind you


the female lead is 24 actress Vanessa Ferlito

This will certainly be one to watch


tv tome have it as Gary Sinise it turns out the mrs read teletext wrong, well lesson learnt never believe anything your wife tells you about tv
yes sorry, the wifes fault, steve buschemi, indeed.

I did think it sounded rather odd

I was right with the film actor though, I still think Gabe would have been ideal

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