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Nov 24, 2004
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Keighley, West Yorks
Hey guys i have been getting into more and more TV shows (24, Millennium, X-Files etc) and now i am thinking at taking a stab at CSI.

Just wondering if you guys have any recomendations on witch one i should start with.

I know CSI is the Original with Miami and NY being the 2 after, do they go in order ? i mean do i need to watch CSI then Miami and then NY or are they seperate to each other ?

I would like some recomendation on witch one i should get :)

Cheers guys :thumbsup:
CSI is the original - and in one episode of CSI (i think series 3) the team go to Miami for a case and the Miami team is introduced - then in one eppisode of Miami (series 2 i think) the same happens and the Miami team go to New york for a case.

So the best bet is to get the original CSI until you see the cross over then start on Miami as well and when you get to the NY eppisode you can start on them as well and watch all three series at once :thumbsup:

Appart from those two cross overs there isnt really any cross over between the series so watching one and not the others will not really reduce your enjoyment - personally I prefer the original CSI (Grissom is the best and Sarah is just hot) but i still watch the other two as they are both enjoyable as well.
MDX, you'll find that the different CSI's are not connected so it doesn't matter which series you watch.

Personally I prefer the cast on CSI and I like watching CSI Miami as I have been there a few times so it's nice to recognise some of the places, but they are all great.
Thanks guys :)

May i ask if either of you have the box sets ? if so do you have Region 1 or 2 also if you have the region 2 do you have the full season box or the 2 halfs.

Its damn confusing, i am not sure if the Full season set will have more than the 2 halfs etc :/

Thanks once again guys :)
Sorry MDX don't have it on DVD, just watched it on TV so not aware of any differences between regions
Not much difference, I only bought S1 & 2 on R2 DVD when they dropped in price. Better of with R1, not only are they cheaper (on average £30 a season, as opposed to around £30 a half-season) plus the packaging is more robust...I found the glue on my R2 sets came apart after a while.

CSI Vegas (the original) has a couple of storylines that arc over a few epsiodes (The Paul Millander ones, and a couple of others) but as long as you start at the beginning you'll be OK.

CSI Miami isn't as bad, but again it's better to watch from the start.

I've got them all so far and I'm looking forward to CSI Vegas S5....especially for the top-notch Tarantino episode (although hopefully in colour at the dream sequence).

Oh dear.....I'm raving on now. Main points, R1 and start at the beginning :thumbsup:
Yea i was thinking of getting Region 1 but was not sure.

So what is the casing like for your Region 2 sets ? just 3 dvds in a sleave or is it a proper made set :)

I found almost all the seasons at £15 per half for Region 2, hence why i would just like to know ;)

I hate having to choose between regions, its so bloody annoying.

I will be getting season 1 of CSI and if i like i shall carry on from there.

P.S Anyone with the Region 1 set could you advise me on what the case is like for that as well :thumbsup:
R2 sets, basically just a cardboard slipcase and one of those "gatefold" inners with the 3 discs on them. The R1 sets are similar but it's just one big large plastic slipcase with a stacked tray effect.....umm....if you've got the Alien Quadrilogy, then it's like that.

Doesn't matter which region you get, but generally the R1 versions are out far in advance, tbh I'll end up changing my CSI Season 1 & 2 for the US versions and getting rid of the UK ones, just for the more solid cases.

I have Seasons 3 & 4 of Vegas, and 1 & 2 of Miami...have tried watching NY, but the characters seem poor and the setting of NY has just been overused too often for other series'

I have CSI Seasons 1-4 R1 and Miami Season 1-2 R1 - the cases are all the same, you get a slipcase with a "book" style digipack (I suppose), each "page" containing a disk. I'd definitely go for Vegas first, but rest assured it does get stronger - an episode from S1 continues in S2.

I grabbed most of mine from Movietyme IIRC for about £30 ish a season.
Likewise, Movietyme have Miami for about £30 each, but CSI Vegas is around the £40 mark....I think they have them cheap when first launched, and then the price rises slowly.
Plus David "Lt. Horatio Caine" Caruso is badass! :D And Emily Procter, well I'd happily let her take down my statements :devil:

Damn I've gone all weird now :oops:
Yes you would be - it's an EU country therefore no problem.

Further clarification - as I've mentioned elsewhere - my La Femme Nikita S3 box came from them which was about £40 ish and not a single problem, plus when things have gone astray, they've been tops for sorting it out.
Whoop just put my order in now :)

Looking forward to getting it now, i just noticed Season 1 is the only season not to be Widescreen and 2.0 Sound.

Ordered it now, whats the Picture quality like if you don't mind answering :)
It's been a while since I watched it :) Erm, not as good as subsequent seasons, but not terrible either. I think once you've seen this, you'll be hooked. It's probably on a par with earlier X-Files rather than current seasons like 24 and Alias - PQ wise.

Oh if I recall correctly, the R2 Season 1 had a different credit/music sequence due to copyright issues - thankfully the R1 didn't have this issue, nor did subsequent R2 releases.
That's true, the first season of Vegas had a really bad tune in the opening credits instead of "Who are you" ruined it a bit :(

Picture quality does seem a little grainy on the first couple of seasons of Vegas...but they get a lot better after that especially in the William Petersen "Beard Years" :D when the series becomes much stronger.
Ahh thanks guys :)

Well i just started on X-Files season 1 last night and i am 2 discs in already :D.

I am getting Hooked on TV shows, i think i am going to be getting the X-Files season 1-9 box sets when its released :thumbsup:

Also if i like CSI i shall be offloading my cash for more seasons :rotfl:

I think i will sell off a few of my older discs etc to make way :)

Thanks once again guys.
CSI and CSI NY tend to have 2 murders under investigation per show, Miami tend to do more one murder story per episode.
CSI and CSI...and Miami?? :confused:

I think I know what you mean...Vegas tends to have more episodes with Plot a and Plot B storylines.....whereas Miami tends solely to focus on Plot A episodes...sometimes for the better, as I've seen some Vegas episodes blend a bit haphazardly.

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