Crytek working on secret PS3 technologies


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Source: PSPSPS

Leipzig has seen the big player focus on hardware and accessories this year, plus the odd ‘new’ game we’ve already heard about, so it’s nice to finally have some news on new ‘top secret’ games in the works.

Thanks to, we can now tell you that Crytek; the team behind the upcoming Crysis, is heavily invested in console development, especially for the PS3.

"Our PS3 development is going deeper than many people assume right now,"
studio boss Cevat Yerli said.

The team is currently working on a console game that is being built from the ground up for PS3. "It's a complete departure from Crysis and Far Cry, it's not a first-person shooter," Yerli explained. The game will also be coming out for the X360, but the developer has highlighted that it won't feature any of the cross-platform issues that have been plaguing ‘sloppier’ releases. "For that, we're optimising technology, but for another reason, the future in general, there is a dedicated PS3 team."

Crytek has a strong interest in the PS3, however, and is working on additional technologies specifically for Sony's platform. "The PS3 room is separate because we have some secret technologies being developed there which are not related to CryEngine 2."

This is exciting news as we’ve already been awed with Crysis for the PC. We can't wait to see what they’ll come up with when they start playing with the PS3s technological capabilities.


Good news :smashin: I'm gettign pee'd off with having sloppy ports, just shows that these dev's don't give a damn. Why can't they take the approach that they could actually use ports to improve, fix glitches over the 360 version. it wouldn't be so bad if the games were relased at the same time but they come months after on the ps3 and are often worse than the 360 counterpart. It's not like the ps3 is any less capable than the 360.


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Its good that they're specialising in PS3. Each console has their own strengths and can do things that the other one cant, but if the the dev group is having to code for a multi-platform release (which they may not have a choice about) then they need to go for a build that is as common between platforms as possible = neither platform has its power fully leverage. Thats my understanding of the situation anyway.
Looking forward to what they come up with, and may even on a PC front, may even get Vista and a DX10 card cos of "Crysis".

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