Crystal Motion on the new Sagem



This Crystal Motion which comes with the new models from Sagem does it replace the Farouja chip or do they cooperate? Has anyone seen it in action?

The new models have not yet been released in Sweden are they worth waiting for?

Thank´s in advance!
The new 45 hasn't been released here either!! (UK)

Anybody know any dates??
Spoke to the swedish representative for Sagem and he said that Crystal Motion replaces the Faroudja!
I spoke with Andy Gorman a while back and I am sure :rolleyes: he said that the new chip is in addition to the Faroudja so the new chip complements and enhances the processing of the first.:thumbsup:

I have the Sagem Hd45 and I will be getting the new one when it comes out. I don't really understand (or care) about chipsets, just want to know how much better the picture will be as the picture I have (with mondo help from razor :thumbsup: ) is absolutly fantastic.
What does this chip do?

Too late to cancel my order of the HD-D45 :) I'm more than happy with that anyway considering what I paid for it.

Aren't the newer sets going to have HD4 rather than HD2+?
Anyone know when this will be coming to the UK? I converted the prices into pounds and its around £1686 for the 45" and £1889 for the 50" but the added TAX and stuff will probably add more.

Any websites for ordering in the uk?

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