Crt ????



Hello every body.

I am new to the CRT forum.

Could you advise me. For 2 months now i have been wandering about which plasma to buy.

HD, non HD. Samsung or Panasonic... clear PQ, not clear. etc etc.

But now i'm thinking why not wait for the plasma
ie let the dust settle on HD.

Buy a good CRT with good AMP, speakers and SKY +.

Then in a couple of years . I can move the CRT to another room and buy the Plasma....

What do you think.

Also how would i connect everything up to the CRT.

I was going to take a 3rca cable to the VGA input on the plasma.

However, this may now be irrelevent.

Component signal was best for plasma's - is this the case for CRTs.



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As far as I am aware Component is the best anologue connection currently available irregardless of whether it's Plasma, LCD, Projector or CRT

You have the same problem that alot of people seem to be experiencing lately & one I myself had.

So what I did was go & buy a JVC HV32P37S 32" CRT which is actually a HD compatible set :D :D

It has 3 Scarts (2 RGB enabled)
1 S-Video
1 Composite
1 Component
2 Audio outs (One set to the Component output)

But like I said it is also 1080i compatible via the Component connection
So while it wont be future proof it will be a nice stop-gap set

The other thing is the PQ is first rate from any source you through at it.
Normal TV is okay but DVD playback is first rate.
X-box via RGB is fantastic too

If you interested the set can be had online for about £380 delivered from Empire Direct




Thanks mate.

If it was going to be a CRT, itd have to be the biggest available ie at least 36 inches.

Anything good out there???

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