Question [CRT TV for gaming] Sony KV-36HS510 - Shaking Screen, looped image


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Hi everyone,

So i posted this question in the televisions subsection of this site's forum but I think it may be relevant here too, so i'm going to see if anyone has any idea how to help me here in this section - thanks!

Situation and link to Product manual of Sony KV-36HS510:

How I got the TV: I recently purchased a Sony KV-36HS510 locally from someone i met on Craigslist - he was pretty cool and seemed like a nice guy.

BACKSTORY: So anyway, my original intention was to get a nice CRT TV to play my Gamecube and Wii on. I originally had a smaller less powerful CRT TV which had no shaking and looping of the image when either my Gamecube or Wii was connected to it.

PROBLEM: So now, after lots of heavy lifting with mates I finally manage to get the kv36hs510 onto its TV stand which I also had to go out to purchase off Craigslist and it sits nicely on without any problems. Then i go ahead and hook up my Gamecube and my Wii using their respective composite cable connections to the correct composite input slots at the rear of the TV. So something weird happens - when in most menu screens of any game, the screen may be either shaking or it may be offset downwards and looped with the missing part of the screen due to being offset downwards coming in from the top of the screen (i.e. it's looped). HOWEVER, when in gameplay, for example if I am playing Mario Super Smash Bros, i.e. when i'm in VS mode battling against either the bots or against a buddy, there is no shaking of the screen and the game play is smooth and perfect with no looping. As soon as the game is over and I/we enter the scoreboard(of the match) and after that the menu/character selection screen, the shaking or looping(could be one or the other, or both) comes back. OF NOTE is the fact that after one round of gameplay, i.e. like one match, the shaking and looping can be heavily reduced, sometimes even non existent after one round of gameplay and entering back into character selection/menu mode.

Another thing I tried was using the old satellite TV box and antenna that came with my old smaller, non shaky and non-looping CRT TV. I hooked it up to the big SONY and found a reduced number of available channels that i could get a clear signal on, i believe like 1 compared to perhaps 7 or so that I had with the smaller TV. Also, this image would occasionally shake, and would settle down into a looped image (offset down and looped back in at the top).


So what all this has got me thinking is that there must be something wrong with the TV or its settings.

What i've tried to do to fix it has been to try all 3 available sets of composite input slots (i.e. 3 x 3 slots/3 channels of composite inputs) - all of them have roughly the same problem.

I also tried putting the composite cables into 2 channels of component inputs - the result of which is a black and white, shaky, and looped image. (i.e. net negative result of a loss of colour.

I also tried changing up the socket to which I would plug in my TV and the console thinking maybe that there may be a power supply issue.

I have also tried playing and toggling with the brightness, contrast, sharpness settings with no positive result. I've tried changing the colour from warm to normal to cool. I've tried alternating between progressive, interlaced, and CinemaPro (or something like that) mode. I've also tried running the wii in widescreen mode using the Wii settings with no net positive result.

So...considering what I've already tried and what I know I'm currently thinking:

I have to get into the service menu to perhaps change some settings. I know that this involves the remote control; turning off the tv, pressing menu, channel 5, select, followed by pressing the tv power on button (or some combination like that) but the problem is that I do not have the remote control and thus cannot enter the service menu. I can, however, buy the remote control from eBay or something @ a fairly affordable price considering I do really want this to work after all the trouble i've gone to lol....I need to know whether I should even bother getting the remote to try to get into the service menu.

If in fact getting into the service menu is not going to do anything to fix the issue, then I am guessing that it could be a hardware issue on the inside of the TV, how will I go about fixing the problem?

Thanks for listening and I apologize for the length - I'm just trying to explain in as much detail as possible.

Wishing you wellness,


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@ daft ada, thank you for the offer unfortunately i don't live in Penn.

I would however like to see if i can get this Sony to function properly after all the hard work i've put into moving it setting it up etc haha


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Hey Daft Ada,
I take it you mean Reading UK, what model number is the Sony CRT and does it have a remote? I've been using a Panasonic CRT for my retro gaming but it's got RGB shift that is getting annoying, I may be interested!


If you're anywhere near Reading I have a lovely little 23" Sony CRT you can have for nowt.

Daft Ada

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Hey Daft Ada,
I take it you mean Reading UK, what model number is the Sony CRT and does it have a remote? I've been using a Panasonic CRT for my retro gaming but it's got RGB shift that is getting annoying, I may be interested!


Damn, we sent it to the tip at the weekend.


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Hi Seowth. If the problem occurs with both Gamecube and Wii, then that indicates the problem is with the TV which I think you have already deduced. Have you tried the Gamecube connected to the TV via the RF input? (I'm guessing you are in the US so I don't know if you call it the RF input over there. It's where you would connect the external antenna)

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