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[Previously posted in DIY section - but no response]

I've just bought a Draper electric screen to go with my Seleco projector. I would like the screen to drop when I turn on the projector, and raise when the projector is turned off. The plan is as follows:

Use he 12V trigger from the projector (with a relay) to make the 'Down' connector on the screen motor live. When 12V is not present (ie. proj turned off) the 'Up' connector would be live, hence the screen would retract. The 'Up' connector would therefore be live for most of the time.

My question is this: Is it OK to have the 'Up' connector live for such long periods of time? I would guess that the power to the motor is cut as soon as the screen reaches the end stop - so I think it's OK. Can anyone confirm?

The only alternative I can think of is a separate power switch for the screen, but this obviously defies the point of the auto-switching!

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Chris Frost

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Buy an Owl auto screen switch from any dealer who sells Sim2/Seleco projectors.

It's a 1 gang sized box with some electronics and a relay that will do exactly what you want. It's also been safety tested and approved for home installation - so no worries about the thing catching fire and burning your house down (a big plus in my book).

Cost is about £110. Treat yourself for Christmas. :D


Roland @ B4

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Most electric screens have an up and down electronic stop that cuts the power to the motor once they have been reached. So it is basically safe to leave it powered pretty much like the rest of your kit kill the mains when its not being used though.
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