CRT Projector service manuals


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Plus a few good links.... :devil:

For anyone that is new to CRT projectors there are POTENTIALLY LETHAL HIGH VOLTAGE components installed under the hood ! When in doubt do NOTHING !!!

CRT disclaimer....................

Every disclaimer in the book, I guess.

CRT primer/faq, Thanks to both Curt and Moe !

CRT Projector Primer/FAQ | Moe's Home Theater

CRT tube faq...

TV and Monitor CRT (Picture Tube) Information

Barco Reality 909 service manual plus extras...

Will not last long but about a 49 Mb zip file. Download it now if you need it ! Thanks to Russ !

Barco Reality 909 board layout

How to remove the SEMU module from a Barco 909

Thanks Roland... :D

Connects pins 1+2, 3+4, 5+6

This plgs into J5 on the RGB Driver board R762705 after the semu is removed

I must assume that these are in and out for the SEMU. and that whilst the active part of the circuit is disabled the video is still going through a torturous route and about 6 connectors to and from the SEMU Card which can't be good.

All I have to do now is soak test the projector because don't forget I only think it is the SEMU unit that is loosing me a color.

Barco Graphics 1208s 208mb -Service manual PDF (Download with option 2 - File factory basic)

-- - free file hosting --

Barco Graphics 1209s 46mb PDF-Service manual


Barco FAQ

Barco service bulletin and not just for the Seo's modified units !

Barco initial setup by Crteaman.....Thanks James !

Barco Setup: Quick Reference Guide

Several Barco user manuals.. Barco Video Projector User Manuals Specifications

Barco EHT/Quadrupler/Splitter service bulletin

Barco Data 808 159mb PDF-Service manua

Barco_Data_808_service_manual.pdf - download now for free. File sharing. Software file sharing. Free file hosting. File upload.

Barco_Data_808_service_manual.pdf -- - free file hosting --

Replacing Barco 808s Sony CRT's

Swapping 8 inch tubes in Barco's

What tubes will go in a BG808?

Barco 800 series manual link- Includes the Service manual


Barco 800 RCVDS switcher user manual.Click on free user...

BG800 2SK511 neck board FET's


Barco control software in DOS-PDF

Link to Barco user manuals.

Barco remote control codes..

RC: Infrared Hex Code Database: Barco Barco 800 Series (Address... Commands (Page 1)

Barco Iris 3 Manual

Barco Excel cross reference sheets can be found here...

Barco 500/800/801 Tips and Manuals

More Barco 808 links...

Barco 808/Cine8 Tips and Manuals[/url

Barco 500-800 series cross reference sheet on board numbers...

Barco Vision Cross Reference Spreadsheet 0.2mb
Barco Data Cross Reference Spreadsheet 0.2mb
Barco Graphics Cross Reference Spreadsheet

Barco convergence on Green module


Nec PG xtra zip file 36mb - Service manual

NEC projector stuff...

NEC CRT Projector Index

NEC XG135 tube replacment.

NEC XG 1350 Tube Replacement

NEC XG G2 calibration guide by Guy Kuo

NEC XG G2 Calibration Procedure

Zenith 900 service manual ( Thanks Curt :thumbsup: )

Sony 10XX service manual and info..

Sony 10xx Tips and Manuals

Sony 1031Q setup guide...

Boyz Toyz 1031Q Setup Guide

Sony 125X / 127x service manual and info.

Sony 125x/127x Tips and Manuals

Sony 1272 link-Service manual PDF

Sony VPH 1292. Service manual link part 1. 115mb file

Part 2

The Sony G-70 118mb Service manual PDF can be found here... ( Please make a contribution to Moe's site ! )

Moe's Home Theater: Sony VPH-G70 CRT Projector

Instructions for replacing CRT's in a G-70 ( Please contribute if you can to Moe's site to keep up his good work ! )

Moe's Home Theater: Sony G70 Tube Replacement Instructions

Sony VPH G-90 -service manual link and theory of operation (Thanks John ! )

Sony G90 serial protocol...

Sony G90 serial communication setup exe program...Thanks Curt !

Sony G90 Tips and Manuals

Instructions for replacing CRTs in a G-90 ( Thanks again to John )

Sony VPH-G90 tubes(s) replacement with new bare(s) tube(s) step by step procedure - AVS Forum

Link to AmPro manuals

File Area

Dion Swamps great AmPro site..

The Ampro Esprit 4200G and needed modifications.

Setting G2 on a Marquee...

Marquee LC replacement bellows

Marquee High Performance Bellows

Steve's Marquee fan modification.... Thanks Steve !

Marquee modification thread....

Marquee Modifications and Performance Enhancement

Has your Marquee lost its memory ? Read this...

Inside a Renata 3v Battery Module ( Marquee )

Electrohome service manual link ( 8500-9500 LC )

Service Manual

Marquee circuit board removal..

Thanks guys !

Marquee modification thread...

Marquee Modifications and Performance Enhancement

Marquee schematics...

New Page 1

Marquee technical bulletins link.

Welcome To Hi Rez, Vidikron, Runco, Plasma, Sony, NEC, Zenith, LCD and CRT Projectors, DILA, Madrigal, Blake Aerials, Electrohome

Steve's marquee 9500 LC mod...Thanks Steve !

Bill Blue Marquee setup link... MAGNETICS SETUP 101 by Bill Blue.pdf

Fixing up that old Marquee... Thanks guys for all your input. Some GREAT advise !!!

Electrohome service bulletins ( You should probably read these if you own one )

Welcome To Hi Rez, Vidikron, Runco, Plasma, Sony, NEC, Zenith, LCD and CRT Projectors, DILA, Madrigal, Blake Aerials, Electrohome

Marquee set up hints...

ETech :: The Number One Source for Projector Sales, Information, and Technical Tips

Marquee Tech tips link ( Thanks Tim !)

ETech :: The Number One Source for Projector Sales, Information, and Technical Tips

Great list of user and setup manuals for many projectors with download links...

Projector Specifications Australia

Electron beam control and CRTs

Where do I buy marquee bellows ?

FAQ: High Performance Bellows for Marquees and clones

Microperf screens....

CRT coolant... Nice formulation. CRT TV Coolant | Techspray | 1915-16SQ

Tinting glycol..

Tinting Glycol

Dwin user and setup manuals...



Nice CRT projector lift if you can find one used !

Link to Chief projector mounts.....

Info on CRT tubes...

Guy Kuo's excellent CRT guide on focus and mechanical aim basics-A MUST READ ! ( Thanks Guy and Moe ! ]

Moe's Home Theater: How to Focus and Setup Your CRT Projector

Poor man's CRT focus for the blind thread ... ( Thanks to tse ! )

Poor man's Microvision or Focus for the Blind - AVS Forum Archive 2

CRT projection optics... Thanks tse

The site sucks IMO but here are some free HD test patterns...

AVS HD 709 - Blu-ray, HD DVD, & MP4 Calibration - AVS Forum

Also see this.

MPEG-2 HD Test Patterns

More free HD test patterns..........

AVS HD 709 - Blu-ray, HD DVD, & MP4 Calibration - AVS Forum

Various service menu codes ...

TV Service Menu Codes

All about lenses...

All about lenses (specs/datasheets/pictures/etc.)

Cleaning lenses...

Guy Kuo

Dry air blown across the lens. If that isn't enough, William Phelps described his cleaning solution....

1 drop dishwashing detergent (not soap!)
(or Kodak Photoflo if you have it)
1/3 cup 99% Isopropyl alcohol
1 2/3 cup distilled water

It works very well indeed and does not harm the lens coatings. It's dirt cheap to make to boot. Cheap enough to use on your car windows. You won't believe what using an optical cleaner on a car window will achieve. Windex is residue city by comparison and should NOT be used on your projection lenses for fear of the ammonia dissolving the anti-reflection coating.

Don't get overzealous about cleaning. Every time you clean the lens, you will create some minor scratches. In other words, clean when cleaning does more good than harm.

The above solution can be misted on and wiped off with a soft lint-free cleaning cloth. Use each portion of the cloth only one pass. Start at the center and work outword. You will need to lightly buff until dry or else there will be visible residue.

Another cleaning product I very much like is Formula MC-1. I was turned onto this by Steve Smith. It leaves absolutely the cleanest lens surface I have ever seen. Use as a last step. Just a few drops do the job. The lens will appear to fog over as this dries. Buff the "fog" off and the lens will be cleaner than it ever has.

In either case, never never grind dirt back into the lens. Remove as much dust as possible with dry, compressed air. Very very lightly dust with a CLEAN soft brush. It is so easy to scratch the lens with a slightly soiled brush. Don't wipe a dirty lens while it is dry. Use a cleaning solution to loosen and lift the debris onto a clean soft lens cloth.

Be enthusiastic in throwing out multiple cleaning cloths. You're trying to preserve the lens, not the cloths.

HD-144 and HD-145 specs...

f/number - f/1.03 ± 7% at infinity
Focal Length - 135 mm ± 2%
CRT Raster Diagonal - 140 mm (5.5”) maximum (3 x 4)
CRT Phosphor Surface - Flat
CRT Faceplate Thickness - Nominally designed for 16.5mm faceplate
thickness. If thinner faceplates are used, it may be possible to compensate the lens for reduced thickness.
Screen Type - Designed for flat screen
Magnification - Approximately 10X to 60X
Standard Coupling - The lens can be air-coupled to a liquid cooled CRT with the same mounting configurations as our DELTA® TAC4 lens.
Resolution - MTF over 50% at 10 line pairs/mm (approximately 20mHz)
throughout the field
Transmission - Nominal transmission at 550nm is better than 84%
Color Correction - Fully color corrected
Relative Illumination - Approximately 34% at 92% of 5” field
Distortion - Less than 2% (pin cushion)


Focal length - 127.33mm
f/no at infinity : 1.125
Raster heigth : 60.11
Optical characteristics (All dimensions from phosphor surface)
Entrance pupil position : 73.9 Diameter 64.22
Exit pupil position : 155.2 Diameter 112.90
Principle points : PP1=128.83 PP2=251.77

This info from the Evil Twin site

All about CRT tubes.

TV and Monitor CRT (Picture Tube) Information

Bleeding excess glycol pressure in liquid cooled CRT's...Thanks Curt .

Bleeding CRT Projector Tubes

Sencore CR-7000 CRT restorer...

C elements. What they do and who owns the patents,

Lens systems for projection televisions - Google Patents

How to install a new c element.....


Removing fungus from CRT ...Thanks Curt

Defungusing Sony Tubes Using CLR

And this on youtube......

YouTube - CRT Fungus Removal

Link to Sanyo video amp data sheets...

SANYO datasheet pdf catalog

Video bit rate calculator.

Video bitrate calculator |

Fan noise solutions...

Fan Noise Solutions

Ground loop problems and symptoms...

Ground loop problems and how to get rid of them

Good article on choosing HDMI cables..

Long HDMI Cable Bench Tests - Monster Cable Shootout — Reviews and News from Audioholics

Getting proper Black levels on your display.

HDMI Enhanced Black Levels, xvYCC and RGB — Reviews and News from Audioholics

A good read on THX...

Feature Article

How loud is too loud to prevent hearing loss.......

loud music and hearing damage - abelard

Rat shack SPL meters...

SVSound - FAQs - Pressure Meter

More P19LUG info...Thanks tse !

P19 CRT pin out PDF


  • p-19 pin out.php.pdf
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  • P19 Lug persistance.gif
    P19 Lug persistance.gif
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Does anybody have a service manual for SIM2 HT300. The PSU has died and it is not an easy one to dismantle!


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Updated BG 1209s and the BD 808 pdf service manual links as they expire quickly. Download them to your hard drive if you need them as it's a PITA to keep the files up ! :D:D:D


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I have a Barco 1209 / 2 and need the service documents, including the wiring diagrams. Can someone tell me where I can get this?

Thank you and greetings



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Hallo everybody... and greetings from South Africa.
Our church was sponsored a Vidikron TGS 200.
Is there anyone who can assist me with any information about this video projector. Please forward documentation to [email protected].
Kind regards.


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Hi Tom.W,

Still no luck on the Vidikron projector... tried contacting others sites and even the agents... anyway, maybe just maybe.


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Anything else you would like to add Andy or James ?


Need your help guys !

Andy how about the Barco spreadsheet for converting a BD1209s to a BG1209s :smashin:

Yes I still have it but its your baby ;)

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