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A VERY big :hiya: to those who are looking here......:thumbsup:

About this thread......:lesson:

I am working very hard on it and am trying to create a single thread which has useful info for all from posts here by others, I take no credit for the posts they are all from members.

I hope will read through them and those that know will start (I hope) to correct them to help others. I am actually reading EVERY post in EVERY thread :boring: ........This is UNPAID work for me...........ONCE completed I will ask that any changes or additional info from members be added to that thread.

Hope you are all OK with this? What I would ask is that people who do find massive errors or would like to add to any post start to keep a text file (notepad) start with the section and title I have used, next line the address of the post, then a short factual text about what needs to be added or corrected , maybe post number to add/correct info in, credit will be given to people who add/help with info - PLEASE NOTE people who have posted incorrect info THEN corrected within the following posts should NOT be corrected - this shows a learning curve that other may relate to and understand more.........

I have 77 pages of threads to look through - Currently I have finished page 53 working toward page 1 - KEEP AN EYE HERE !!!!

Edit: There are now 85 pages and im on page 59! - Proof that CRT is still going strong.......

A have learnt there is more to the world than Barco :eek:

(NOTE TO SELF : add offical web sites)

Forum Members and their CRT's

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Generic Barco setup
Barco 600 Vision Width Coils and Horizontal adjustment pots
Barco 7xx series resolution settings
Barco 701s Black detail with Quad Scan
Barco 701s ceiling/Desktop orientation change
Barco 701 G2 setting
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Barco 800 801 801s website
Barco 800 error code IC2 or Focus board error
Barco 801s & 808s resolution, convergence and drift Q's & A's
Barco 808 & 808s - Whats the Differance?
Barco Convergence on green option
Barco Does NOT Switch On
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Horizontal Linearity on a Barco without use of extender board
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Barco Manuals
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Barco Port 3 and VGA pin connections
Barco Port 3 input
Barco Port 5 and PC use
Barco Remote Address For ALL
Barco Remote Address Setting
Barco Streaking Issue

Maxivideo Offical Maxivideo Site
Eclipse 270 & 370 Convergence info

Barco 9inch tubes into a Marquee
ECP 3101 timer, where?

G E Imager

NEC F8 failure code


Seleco 320 upward memory manager
Seleco 350 upward Basic Convergence
Seleco RC3000 wired remote cable info
Seleco Throw Distance & General CRT Set Up

Sony 1270, 1271q remote

Vidikron Gone!


General CRT Releted Threads

Astig Threads
Astig Focus - Basic
Marquee Magnetics set up

Blending Projectors

Connection Types
Scart RGB connections

Convergence Threads

Barco 801s & General Set Up
General alignment and focus thread
General convergence ideas

CRT / DLP / LCD / Plasma threads
CRT - when will it RIP? 09-01-2003
LCD to CRT - the way forward
LCD / CRT Which Test Discs To Use?
Plasma vs CRT
Rainbows on a CRT?
Sony D50, Barco 808s, Sim200, DLP Sony 900 LCD 25-09-2001

Fan Modifications
Barco 8 & 12 Series
Sony 1292

Frequency Threads
48Hz Flicker ?

G2 and what is stands for

Hush Box / Coffee Table
Coffe Table thoughts

HT Room
What colour to go?

Just for fun
A quick HT Quiz
Barco Cine 8 or Not?
Guess the Tube Hours?
Remote Anyone?
Roland Gets A Bite!
Sony LCD Finds 2 New Uses!
Whats an Emerald?
Where in the world are you?

Lens upgrades and cleaning
3M How to clean a plastic lens
HD8 HD8 rev B lens types
Lens cleaning - how to?
Tac4 v HD145 (seleco in this case)

Refresh Rates
refresh rates?

Resolution threads
Overlapping Scan Lines?
Over lapping Scan Lines? Pt2


Screen Size V's Tube size
Barco 801s and 10ft screen?

Screen Shots
Barco Data 800
Barco Data 808s with Iris 2
HT Pictures OVER 350

Spare time reading
How Much Better Is Film?
X-Ray Radiation

Stacking Projectors
Barco 1209s Stacking?
Barco Cine 9 / Runco 1200 Stacked inc Pictures
General Stacking talk

Tube Rebuilds / Replace
Tube info - v v basic

Unistrut information - MOD NOTE - UNDER CONSTRUCTION, threads to be edited and condensed for useful info......
Unistrut standard PJ mounting
Q's about Unistrut
Some useful pics as well as a laugh
Buying Unistrut
Coach screw info and Unistrut

Members (or not) Home theatre Systems

Alaric (Lees) home cinema
A Mad World!
Cosaw HT
Lees Basement Cinema Seleco, Harman Kardon
Marks Seleco 450+ Bryston, Lexicon, Tannoy etc.
meep HT and HERE for the FULL info on Meeps System
Surrey Lad HT

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