CRT projector Advice Needed (please)


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After nearly two years without a CRT I have decided I want back in! I miss the tweaking and the almost 3D effect that I used to get from my old projectors.

I have had:

Barco 808s
Lumegen Vision to power them.

I loved my CRTs but had to sell when saving up the cost associated with buying my first house.

After a year I missed the big picture and decided to try LCD to see how bad it was. I ended up with an Infocus LP240 and although the screen door effect was there it didnt worry me too much. I did however miss the blacks.

Suprise suprise the bulb is now blown and I dont want to waste £200 on one as I only paid £50 for the projector.

I am crawling back to CRT but I am sure that there was a hidden problem with all my sets.

I had never been able to get the picture as sharp as I could with the LCD. The best CRT I had was the barco 808s but at over a meter long It was too big to put on my ceiling.

All my other sets had other problems that were probably "as you are thinking" due to poor set up and convergence. However I think that as most of them came from the free ads paper or ebay that they were probably at the end of there lifes or maybe were sold due to these issues.

I am posting to ask if you could advise me on a CRT that will cope with my xbox 360 and dvd player. I hope to use the RGB output from each to feed the projector.

My funds are still limited and I am torn between a £500 projector or a cheap plasma or LCD telly.

I have a 80" screen mounted on the roof at one end of the room. The room is dark with heavy curtains. I hope to be able to display 720p from the xbox and what ever my dvd player puts out.

I dont have the spare cash for a line doubler or processor and i sold the lumegen a long time ago.

I have considered:
Seleco svp350+ or svp400
ellie 2000ht
Sony 1272

I have also just been offered an apparently unused 1040qm with remote and flight case for £150. I am however worried that I will be dissapointed by the PQ as this is an entry level machine.

I am looking for a smaller CRT so that it is more likely i can persuade my missus to let me put it on the ceiling

Hope you didnt get too bored and that you have some suggestions.

I have tried contacting Roland @ B4 but have had no replies from emails. Is he still trading?

Kind regards

Richard Sheppard


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well unfortunately all the "small" CRT's are goingto be ES focus and barely hD capable (if at all). The BG808 was 4 feet long, so 2 machines which will be a little smaller and HD capable is the Sony G70 or Marquee 8500. Neither is small by any means though, 32 inches x 28" for the marquee and 38" x 28" for the G70. In todays world, I consider an HDMI input card a must for CRT if you want maximum sharpness, add $400. for one of those but even then it won't be quite as sharp as a 1080 LCD. Also, I doubt you will find a very nice example of either machine for 500E. One of the memebrs here just bought what's basically a G70 parts machine for 300E.
So to summarize, CRT isn't now and has never been the cheapest or easiest solution. :( With your budget, it will be another e-bay fixer upper or just get another cheap LCD.


I know where there's a decent G70 going... ;)

Personally I don't bother with DVI, I'm using good ol' RGBHV into mine. But if you fancy, the most cost effective is likely to be one of these:
There are many places to buy a Fury, the above is just an example. I have no experience of one with a G70, but from reading the forums it should work fine.


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If your PC has a Blu-ray or HD DVD PLAYER then I do not think you need the Fury either.


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Firstly thanks for taking the time to read my mammoth post!

I am not interested in blue ray and only really want the projector for standard dvd quality, sky and to play my xbox 360 on. I want to connect the xbox and dvd player using the RGB cables. The sky is only SD anyway and i have a scart to rgbhv lead from a mates early plasma.

The xbox puts out 1080p but i think that 720p would be adequate for my requirements.

I could stretch my budget a bit but do not want to be dissapointed. The more i spend, the more i would expect.

I call it the smiles per £ ratio




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I wouldn't bother with DVI either, all the DVI solutions i've seen were just so-so. I think a machine like the G70 deserves better than a Fury. The Fury is a good match to machines like a Barco 701 or Sony D50 but a G70 is really capable PJ and should be matched up with a Moome HDMI card.
I wouldn't be saying this off-hand but I have a G70 in my shop now and I have seen what it can do with the Moome HDMI card, it's very impressive.
up-scaled DVD over RGB is ok but it doesn't really compare to what a good HDMI run all the way to the PJ can deliver.

Chris Frost

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Hi Richard,
From the projectors you quoted the 1272 is the one most capable of running at 720p. It has 8" tubes and the bandwidth to cope with that resolution. You will need a scaler to go with the projector though as it won't do 720p on its own. A 1272 is also quite large and relatively noisy.

I have quite a bit of knowledge on Seleco. The 400 will do 576p because it has its own built-in line doubler. The performance gets much better if you use an external doubler such as an iScan Pro, iScan HD, or one of the entry level Lumagens. The projector still won't go to 720p though, but it is one of the smallest CRTs available and there's enough used ones around to make it possible to buy a pj and scaler for £500.

The Sony 1040qm and the Seleco 350 are both only capable of running standard TV resolution - 576i.

The Ellie 2000 is capable of 576p. I think the next model up, the 3000, was the one that had a built-in line tripler. There are a couple of Ellie owners on this forum. Jim at was the UK distributor if you want to contact him for more info.

There are a few of us here that hold some secondhand stock. If you are struggling to find something decent from the usual online sources then a little back reading in this forum should help you find the right people to talk to. ;)


Mad Mr H

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I installed a new Seleco 500 in a basement cinema.

That is about to be upgraded to one of my Barco 1209s units :D , Nearly all gone.....

That has Seleco line doubler - I think this is the UPC2000 unit which is the newer/better internal unit (Not 100% sure about that)

Unit has very low hours, dont know exact but it will be about 500.

Case is in black, both remotes, Ceiling bracket, Upgraded lens set.

Its not available right now, I will set up a for sale thread when it is.

I'm 99% sure it WONT do 720p but im also fairly sure you will not find a machine as NEW as this one.



I have a spare G70 which is fully functional but in the fullness of time would ideally benefit from a new Green tube, but it'll be a good way into a decent CRT for very little money indeed (relatively speaking). It's very watchable as is but on certain scenes some graphic burn is noticeable (but not horrible) if you're looking for it. If you're interested, it can be yours for less than 500 quid. You may even get away without a scaler depending on your DVD player.

(Mods: I hope I'm not breaking any rules with the statement above?)


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I have a Seleco SVP400+ CRT with fungus in my green tube. The tube has 8000 hours. Is anyone interested in either flushing the tube or getting me a replacement?

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