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I started this post on the "Televisions - direct view and rear projection CRT" forum but having now dismissed RP I thought I would move to this forum and see if I can elicit any new views.

My question is should I buy a top end CRT or a budget plasma?

From my audio hi-fi experience I appreciate it eventually boils down to personal preference but I would welcome "in principle" views.

David Caple


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I went through the same decision process myself before buying my new plasma.

It really depends what you mean by budget plasma - I discounted most of the c£2k plasmas immediately due to poor picture quality.

Moving up to the £2.5-£3k level will buy you a good plasma, but IMO the absolute image quality will never be quite up to the level of a £1500+ CRT.

I went for a Panny 6 plasma over a CRT for the following reasons:

1. Larger screen that is possible with a CRT
2. Signifcant space saving over a CRT
3. Much more stylish than a CRT

Once set up properly, I would describe the DVD image as excellent, but still not quite up to a top line CRT.

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