CRT offers the best TV image quality, SO..........

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So, why are people worried about getting the best image quality possible, and THEN going out and buying LCD / Plasma TVs ???

when CRT offer by far the best image quality and are miles cheaper too........

is that empty space, in the corner of the living room SO important, with users of lcd/plasma TVs ?

maybe fit a plant in the corner void ?

ps: in case anyone didnt know, YES CRTs are by far the best quality, and may ALWAYS be so.

pss: Why in the uk, when living rooms are average of 12x10 foot ( not mine, thank goodness ) are we (read: YOU ! ) obsessed with large flat screens ? is it just to impress then neighbours ? any videophile, would clearly use a CRT tv. u can get them 36" big. better than staring at 3 pixels on a 60" plasma !!! and going bog-eyed whilst doing so !


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Show me almost any readily-available CRT television, and I'll show you what is uncorrectably wrong with the picture - almost always several things, in fact, and all of which will, with certainty, not be wrong with any LCD or Plasma.

CRTs do not produce the best picture. They produce a picture which is better in some respects and worse (often a lot worse) in others. In other words, they suffer shortcomings as all technologies do.

The TV that produces the best picture varies from person to person - it can only be decided by determining which shortcomings bother the individual most and least.



I think its because they take the wife/parter with them and they just want it to look nice! :)
I agree that some LCD, plasma can give a good picture, but when you talk about value for money.
Say no more.



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neilo said:
Ok stupid question time
How can you get HD via a CRT ?

There are a couple of tv,s that can output HD. The main ones are by JVC.


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I think im going to close this thread as it was designed to be openly arguementative and has been covered many times over.

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